You'll have heard the old, almost grandmotherly adage that 'every dollar counts'. But guess what - it's true.

Voluntary after tax super contributions, also called non-concessional contributions, refer to any payments you make to your super fund out of your take-home pay. Making after-tax super contributions is an easy way to boost your retirement savings on your own schedule.

Your super money jar

Setting up small, automatic after-tax payments is a simple and effective way to add a little extra every month. In the same way people empty their coins into a change jar at the end of a day, making small contributions to your super is like putting your coins into your super savings instead, which you can access when you retire.

Saving when you can adds real value.

One of the great things about making small contributions is that you only have to contribute what you can afford. Whether it’s an extra $5 a month, or an extra $50, even small amounts can add up to make a big difference.

If automatic after-tax contributions aren’t your style, you can also make one-off contributions whenever you have spare money. You can also consider looking into salary sacrifice, which is often the most tax effective option. Depending on your financial circumstances, these could be great options for you to make a big difference to your retirement savings.

You can make after-tax contributions to your super any time online with us. Simply sign-in to get started. Not a member of MLC? Take a moment to explore these easy steps you can take today to join one of Australia’s largest retail superannuation providers.

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1 You should consider your eligibility to contribute to super, contribution caps, penalties that may apply if these caps are exceeded and seek advice where required. Visit the ATO's website to find out more. If you are considering concessional or non-concessional (after-tax) contributions we recommend you speak to a financial adviser.

2 ASFA 2016 -

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