If you’re having trouble with your loan repayments, the sooner you contact us, the more options you will have available to assist you back on track. We know things don’t always go to plan – and so we’re ready to help when you’re doing it tough. But we need you to speak with us when you're going through hard times.

We talked in our first article about what to do if your finances run away on you. We suggested you make an appointment with a financial counsellor, a free government-funded guru who’ll help you get on top of things. But there’s something you should do first.

Talk to us sooner rather than later

If you’re a NAB customer, you should get it touch. Let us know. It can be hard to pick up the phone—you might feel awkward, or embarrassed, or the whole business might just stress you out. Sometimes it feels easier just to leave it.

We get that. But, we’d still say: "Call us". We know things can go wrong—and that there are things outside your control (illness, losing your job, etc.) that aren’t your fault.

Do the Right Thing

We have a responsibility to our customers - to the community - to assist them with their finances. 'Do the Right Thing,' we call this. It’s simple - but it’s also our guiding ethos.

That’s nice — but what can you do for me?

We’ll look at your circumstances—and go through the options. Each situation is different, so it’s best to talk in person. Call us on 13 22 65, or else pop into a branch.

Generally, if you’re ahead of the minimum payments on your loan or home loan, you’ll be able to redraw funds from your loan, or take a repayment holiday.

Redraw funds

'Redrawing' is taking money back out of your loan account.

You can see if you have funds available to redraw using NAB Internet Banking. Open the Funds transfer menu and select ‘Loan redraw’.

Call 13 22 65 if you want to know more.

A repayment holiday

A repayment holiday lets you take off a few months' worth of repayments on your home loan or personal loan (if you’re far enough ahead on your repayments). To find out if you’re eligible, call us on 13 22 65.

Is that it? What about NAB Assist?

There are other ways we can assist you if you’re battling financial hardship.

Call NAB Assist's dedicated Customer Care team on 1800 701 599 from 8am-8pm Mon-Fri, or 9am-1pm on Saturdays (AEST/AEDT) and we’ll tell you more. Or visit your local branch and talk to a banker.

A third option is applying for financial assistance online. Or else download the financial assistance application form (PDF, 307KB), fill it out, then post it back to us at:

GPO Box 4963WW
 VIC, 3001.

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