What is SMS Security?

SMS Security is our free online security service that provides extra protection when you use NAB Internet Banking or the NAB app.

Why is SMS Security important?

Without this extra protection, you may be limited in what you can do through online banking.

With SMS Security you get access to additional online banking features like:

  • updating your personal details
  • activating your NAB Visa Debit card
  • setting and resetting your NAB Visa Debit or credit card PIN
  • resetting your password
  • authorising new billers and payees
  • confirming large transfers if you’ve increased your limit
  • confirming international payments
  • confirming data sharing with accredited third parties.

How SMS Security works

Once you’re registered for SMS Security, you’ll receive a unique authorisation code to your mobile phone when banking online. Simply enter the code and you're done!

Using SMS Security means your online accounts stay secure even if your NAB ID and password fall into the wrong hands. If someone attempts an unauthorised payment from your account, we'll alert you via SMS.

If you receive an SMS code and you’re not logged into online banking call our security specialists on 1300 651 656 and we'll take care of it.

If you don't own a mobile phone, live in a mobile service area or you experience accessibility problems, please call our Internet Banking Support team on 1300 651 656 to discuss your options


How to register for SMS Security

If your mobile number is registered with us, you’ll be registered for SMS Security when you set up Internet Banking. Otherwise, follow these steps below.

Register using NAB Internet Banking

  1. Log into internet banking
  2. Go to Settings/Mailbox and select the ‘Security & password’ menu item
  3. Confirm your mobile number is correct
  4. You’re ready to go.

If no mobile number is registered, or it’s incorrect, call us on 1300 651 656 or international on +61 3 8641 9886 (select option 1 after entering your NAB ID and telephone banking password).

Register using the NAB app

If your NAB ID was set up under a business profile you can only register for SMS Security through Internet Banking. Otherwise, follow the steps below.

  1. Log into the NAB app
  2. Go to More then select Profile
  3. Under My details check your mobile number is correct in the ‘SMS Security’ field
  4. You’re ready to go.

If no mobile number is registered, or it’s incorrect, call us on 1300 651 656 or international on +61 3 8641 9886 (select option 1 after entering your NAB ID and telephone banking password).


Help and support


  • SMS Security provides an additional layer of security for you when you bank online. We recommend SMS Security to all NAB Internet Banking customers in addition to following general security guidelines including security software and good password management.

    If you want to cancel or disable SMS Security, call our Internet Banking Support team on 1300 651 656 so we can discuss your options.

  • When making a payment to a biller or payee for the first time, an SMS code will be required.

    To reduce the amount of times you receive an SMS code, you can pre-authenticate regular payees and billers you’ve saved in NAB Internet Banking. The next time you make a payment you’ll only need your password or passcode.

    If you’re using a different device, you may still need to enter and SMS code.

  • Daily transfer limits are $5,000 if you’re registered for SMS Security and $2,500 if you’re not. This is to protect your accounts from fraud.

    The daily limit of $2,500 applies to BPAY® Bill payments  (except payments made to NAB authorised billers) if you’re not registered for SMS Security.

  • If you don’t have a mobile phone and your landline can accept SMS messages, you can register your landline instead of a mobile number.

    If you’re travelling within Australia, SMS Security will be available in a mobile coverage area.

    If you’re overseas, you can send and receive SMS if your handset and SIM card allow global roaming and the country you are in operates via a compatible network. Please check with your mobile phone service provider.

  • Please contact us if you need to change the number you’ve registered. Our contact details are below.

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