What is SMS Security?

SMS Security is our free online security service that provides extra protection when you use NAB Internet Banking or the NAB app.

SMS Security provides an additional layer of security and we recommend it to all NAB Internet Banking customers in addition to following general security guidelines including security software and good password management.

SMS Security provides more protection online for:

  • updating your personal details
  • transacting with other financial institutions
  • external transactions to non-linked accounts
  • authorising new billers and payees
  • activating your NAB Visa Debit card
  • setting and resetting your NAB Visa Debit or credit card PIN
  • resetting your password
  • confirmation of:

How SMS Security works

Using SMS Security means your online accounts stay secure even if your NAB ID and password fall into the wrong hands. If someone attempts an unauthorised payment from your account, we'll alert you via SMS.

Important: When creating a Pay anyone payment in NAB Internet Banking, you may receive a security code via a push notification. You may also receive a security code via push notification when logging in from a new device. Enable push notifications for a more secure way to receive security codes.

Things to know about SMS Security registration

  • If your mobile number is registered with us, you’ll be automatically registered for SMS Security when you set up NAB Internet Banking.
  • If your NAB ID was set up under a business profile, you can only register for SMS Security through NAB Internet Banking.
  • If you’re travelling within Australia, SMS Security will be available in a mobile coverage area.
  • If you’re overseas, you can send and receive SMS if your handset and SIM card allow global roaming and the country you are in operates via a compatible network. Please check with your mobile phone service provider.
  • If your mobile number changes, contact us to let us know.
  • Different daily limits may apply if you’re not registered or are exempt from SMS Security. Read our daily limit FAQs to learn more.

Steps to register for SMS Security

Learn how to easily register for SMS Security using NAB Internet Banking or the NAB app. Select your preferred way to register using these options.

Use NAB Internet Banking

  1. Log into NAB Internet Banking.
  2. Go to Profile & Settings and select ‘Security & Password’. 
  3. Tap Register Now.
  4. Choose to set up SMS security with your mobile phone, home or work number, and tap Next.
  5. Enter the code sent directly to your phone into the SMS code field.
  6. Tap Next to receive confirmation your registration is successful.

Helpful hint: If you don’t want to receive SMS messages from NAB about other offers and opportunities, select the checkbox.

Use the NAB app

  1. Log into the NAB app.
  2. Go to More, then select ‘Profile’.
  3. Under My details check your mobile number is correct in the ‘SMS Security’ field.
  4. You’re ready to go.

Help and support

Contact us on 13 22 65 or international on +61 3 8641 9083 if you need help with the following:

  • You don't own a mobile phone.
  • No mobile number is registered or it’s incorrect.
  • Your mobile number changes.
  • You live in an area without mobile service.
  • You experience accessibility problems.
  • You receive an SMS code and you’re not logged into online banking.

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