What is Spending?

Spending is an expense tracking tool in NAB Internet Banking and the NAB app  that helps you to keep track of your expenses and organise your money.

Spending makes it easier to understand where your money is going, which can help you with your budget and saving plan.

Here’s how Spending can help you

See where your money is going

See a breakdown of your spending by category and merchant, helping you to see where you are spending. You can also see the money you’ve received.

See the bigger picture

Select up to five of your accounts, and a period of up to two years to see a combined and wider view of the money you’ve received and expenses.

Choose how to categorise

Spending automatically categorises your transactions. If you feel another category suits better, you can change categories from the transaction’s details.

Export data

You can export the data from Spending through desktop Internet Banking to make it easier for you to do a more personalised analysis and set up a budget or savings plan.

Getting started with Spending

Access Spending

Log in using your NAB Identification Number (NIN) and password. In NAB Internet Banking select Spending from the menu. Or if using the NAB app tap more (iOS) or the menu icon (Android) and select Spending.

Explore your data

You’ll see a categorised view  of your money in and out. Select a specific category to view the transactions included and dig into the details. 

Customise your view

To change the accounts and date range for transactions, select the change filter button at the top of the screen.

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