Why update your contact details

Help keep your accounts safe and secure

Ensuring your details are accurate makes it easy for us to keep in touch and helps us keep your accounts and profile secure.

When you get a new or replacement Debit or Credit Card

If we need to send you a new card we'll need your current address.

What contact details can you update online

  • Update your email address

  • Update your contact numbers

  • Update your address

  • Update your occupation

How to update your details online

Internet Banking Desktop

How to update details using Internet Banking Desktop:

  1. Sign in to the NAB Internet Banking.

  2. Click Profile & Settings in the top menu.

  3. In the list, click on My details.

  4. Update the details you want to change.

  5. Click Save and your details will be updated in our systems.

To update your details online, you’ll need to be registered for NAB SMS Security.


How to update details using NAB app:

  1. Login to the NAB App.

  2. Tap More (iOS) or the menu icon (Android).

  3. In the list, tap Profile.

  4. Tap My details.

  5. Tap the details you want to change and follow the prompts.

  6. Tap Save and your details will be updated in our systems.

To update your details online, you’ll need to be registered for NAB SMS Security.

Download the NAB app

Not already registered? Download or update the NAB app today.

  1. Download from Google Play or App Store.

  2. Tap Login on the home screen.

  3. Tap Register.

How to update your name

If you want to change your full legal name due to marriage, reverting to your former name, or changing to a new name, you’ll need to visit us in a NAB branch

Before visiting us, please make sure that you’ve already obtained new identification documents (ID) with your updated name. These documents may include an Australian driver’s licence, an Australian or foreign passport or an Australian proof of age or proof of identity card. Once you’ve obtained your new ID, we can update your name in our system through our re-verification process.

Documents you’ll need to bring into the branch

  • One primary photographic document OR
  • One primary non-photographic document AND one secondary document OR
  • One special provision identification document

You can find out more about our primary and secondary document requirements by taking a look at our document checklist (PDF, 115KB), opens in new window.

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