Changes to the outward international cheque service

Please be advised from 1 January 2022, the outward international cheque service will be disabled and no longer available. International Money Transfers can be used to make payments to overseas beneficiaries.

Features and Benefits

bank fees

Avoid surprise overseas bank fees

You’ll never be charged by an overseas bank for sending an international transfer online.

No limit

No minimum transfer

No amount is too small when you send funds overseas. Plus you can trade with over 40 global currencies and send to over 230 countries.

Easy structure

Flat transfer fee

Forget confusing variable fees – whenever you transfer money overseas in a foreign currency via Internet Banking, you’ll only pay $10.

Way to track

International payment tracking

Have greater visibility of where your funds are with real-time tracking.

Not a NAB customer?

Before you can transfer money overseas with NAB you must be a NAB customer with an open transaction account. Opening a NAB transaction account is simply a 5 minutes online application form, and there are no monthly account fees.

How to make an international money transfer

What to do before I transfer

  1. Have a NAB account. Opening a NAB transaction account is simply a 7 minute online application form, and there are no monthly account fees.
  2. Activate NAB Internet Banking or download the NAB app.

  3. Confirm the bank details of the person or business you’re transferring to.

  4. You can check your International Money Transfer limit in the NAB app or through NAB Internet Banking, and you can amend this by giving us a call 13 22 65.

  5. To make an international transfer you need to have SMS security protection switched on, which you can do via settings in Internet Banking.

What bank details do I need?

To transfer money to another country, you'll need the following information from your recipient:

  • Their full name and street address (not a PO Box)
  • The IBAN or bank account number
  • A SWIFT code or BIC (this identifies their bank) or the full bank address
  • Any other information they have like sort codes or routing code

Ways to send your transfer

Online via NAB Internet Banking and NAB App

To send a transfer, you can:

  1. submit an online form on your desktop, under the Transfer & Pay menu in NAB Internet Banking.
  2. select International transfer

or through our mobile app.

  1. select International payment from the menu or Overseas in Transfer & pay.

You can make a transfer in a few simple steps through confirming:

  1. the account you’d like to pay from.

  2. the country and currency you’d like to send funds in, and the amount you want to send.

  3. the details of where to send your money through providing your recipients bank details.

  4. when you want the money to be sent now, in the future or recurring.

  5. if you’re happy with the displayed real time or indicative exchange rate you accept and off the transfer goes.2

In person at any branch

While our fees are less if you make an international money transfer yourself online, we can help you send the money overseas from any branch.

What happens after I transfer?

The money leaves your account shortly after you submit your transfer, generally within one business day.

Transfer of funds is usually received within 24 hours by the beneficiary's bank.1

We’ll return your funds if the transfer is unsuccessful for whatever reason to your NAB account.

You can view the status of your international transfer real time in Internet banking through viewing the transaction in your payment list which will show if it has been paid or rejected.

What are the costs of international transfers?

International transfer costs and fees can vary depending on when and where you’re transferring the funds to. To understand what fees might be involved in your transfer, please visit see our page on international transfer fees and costs.

NAB International Money Transfers

Transferring money overseas doesn’t have to be difficult. Unexpected charges can often come up, reducing the amount that you’re sending over. With online NAB international money transfers, we can help you avoid surprise fees from overseas banks.

Watch the video to find out how online NAB international money transfers can help you avoid unexpected charges when transferring money overseas.

Helping you avoid unexpected charges

NAB is now the only Australian bank to cover overseas bank charges for a simple, flat upfront fee. | View transcript (DOCX, 14KB)



Transfer type

Flat fee across all countries/currencies

International Money Transfer made via NAB Internet Banking (sent in foreign currency)

Flat fee across all countries/currencies


International Money Transfer made via NAB Internet Banking (sent in Australian dollars)

Flat fee across all countries/currencies


Over The Counter (sent in Australian dollars and foreign currency)

Flat fee across all countries/currencies


International payment tracking

If you need to send money overseas, you can keep an eye on it with our international payment tracking3. It’s the fast and easy way to know where your payment is and when it will reach its destination.

Keep track of your international payments

Discover how NAB’s international payment tracking provides greater visibility of your funds. | View transcript (DOCX, 14KB)

Important Information

Information on this page is correct as of 17/02/20

1If the overseas bank is not the beneficiary's, it may take longer to on forward funds to the beneficiary's bank. There may be other circumstances outside of our control which may also cause additional delays. International funds transfers received on a National public holiday, NSW public holiday, or on a Saturday or Sunday will not be processed until the next business day. The value date of the transfer will also be changed to the next business day.

2If you're doing an International transfer from 8am - 8pm, Mon-Fri you'll usually see the real time exchange rate on the final page before you submit your transfer. Real time rates aren’t available overnight (from 8pm – 8am Melbourne time), on weekend or public holidays. Real time rates also aren't available for future-dated or periodic transfers because we use the exchange rate available on that day.

3This feature is only available to NAB customers via the NAB App. NAB recommends you consider the Internet Banking terms and conditions before making any decisions regarding this product. This product is issued by National Australia Bank Limited. Consider the NAB Internet Banking terms and conditions which apply when using the NAB app, before making any decisions regarding this product. The NAB app is compatible with Android™ and iOS, minimum platform requirements apply. Android is a trademark of Google LLC. IOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries and is used under license. Product issued by NAB.

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Personal banking fees and charges and International transfers terms and conditions available.