Becoming more independent with your finances

Being a student can often be one of the busiest but most exciting times of your life. There’s a lot going on as you try to balance studying, work obligations, your social life and your everyday expenses.

We understand that your financial needs are changing, which is why we have a range of products that may help you manage your money and guide you into adulthood. We’ve provided some tips and tools to help increase your financial literacy, including topics such as unsecured lending, digital banking, interest and budgeting.

Moving to Australia to study? Find out how to open an Australian bank account from overseas.

Banking products for students

NAB Classic Banking account

A transaction account with no monthly fees to more easily keep track of your everyday spending.

  • No monthly account fees

  • No minimum deposits

NAB Visa Debit card

Have the option to add on this feature-packed card when you apply for a NAB Classic Banking account. 

  • No foreign currency fee

  • Earn up to $10 cashback a month

NAB iSaver

Access your savings without affecting your interest rate with this flexible savings account.

  • Competitive interest rate

  • No Minimum deposits

Beem It

Beem It allows you to pay, be paid or split the bill with friends and family on the go. As long as both parties have downloaded the app and registered, you can pay or get paid instantly, without having to exchange bank account information.

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