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As an existing customer, you can affirm your gender with us by updating your name, gender, and title to reflect who you are. If you’re looking to join us, you can open a bank account with our gender-inclusive application forms.

Trans and gender diverse banking

Gender affirmation and name change for existing customers

We support our trans and gender diverse customers and are here to help you update your customer details, so they align with your affirmed gender.

Update gender, title, preferred name and bank card name online

It’s easy and hassle-free to change your gender, title and preferred name online, even if they don’t match your identity documents. Follow the steps outlined:

How to use NAB Messaging on mobile

  1. Log into the NAB app on your device 

  2. Tap the NAB Messaging icon.

  3. Tap Start Conversation.

  4. Type ‘affirm my gender’ then tap Send.

How to use NAB Messaging on desktop

  1. Enter your 8 to 10-digit user ID, and your password. Then select Login.

  2. Select the NAB Messaging icon.

  3. Select Start Conversation.

  4. Type 'affirm my gender’, then select Send.

If you’ve updated your legal name, we can update the name in our records and give you a new bank card. In case you haven’t, you may still be able to order a new bank card to reflect your name, if you’ve kept the same initials. If your initials haven’t changed, use NAB Messaging to provide us with instructions to:

  • replace your first name(s) with your initial
  • remove the title printed on your card

Alternatively, you can use a digital card as there are no personal details on them. Learn more about using digital wallets and cards.

You can also update your address and other contact details.

Customer name change

For identification reasons, your legal name on our records must match your identity documents. 

If your documents reflect your affirmed legal name, you’ll be able to update it with us by visiting a NAB branch.

For your name change, be sure to bring along your:

  • Birth certificate showing change of name; or
  • Change of name certificate and your passport or driver’s licence (with previous or affirmed name).

How to legally change your name

Follow these steps to update your identity documents to match your affirmed name:

  1. Contact your state’s Births, Deaths and Marriages Office.
  2. They’ll update you in their system, which will make it easier to get your driver’s licence and other IDs reissued.
  3. Update your home utilities, health and life insurance details online or by contacting your providers directly.

Becoming a NAB customer

When you're ready to join NAB, you’ll need at least one of the following forms of ID, but it’s best to have two ready in case we need more information. In case you can’t provide these documents online, you’ll need to verify your identity at a local branch.

  • Australian passport

  • Foreign passport

  • Australian driver’s license

  • Medicare card

Online application forms for NAB transaction and savings accounts, credit cards and personal loans are inclusive for all genders.  In these forms, you can choose the gender and title that best matches your identity, regardless of what's on your identification documents, including binary and non-binary options. Your preferred name doesn't have to match your documents either. For identification reasons, only the legal name of your NAB account must match your identity documents.

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