About Project Delivery

In Project Delivery we partner with our business divisions to deliver change and enable exceptional customer experiences, great outcomes for our people and compliance with our market and regulatory obligations. We also work with our business to provide a range of services focussed on operational excellence: analysing and diagnosing sustainable operational improvements and streamlining processes by harnessing lean, automation, robotics, cost diagnostics, workflow and automation capabilities.

Program location

  • Melbourne

What you’ll do in Project Delivery

  • Acquire skills in diverse roles including:

    • Project Management / Scrum Mastery.

    • Business Analysis.

    • Project Governance and Reporting.


  • Successfully deliver quicker, smarter and more effectively utilising Agile Frameworks, Human Centered Design and Lean methodologies.

  • Provided with coaching, capability development and training to accelerate your career.

Where this stream can take you

Our graduates go on to careers in Project Management via Analyst roles in Business Analysis, Scrum Mastery or Project Office.

Graduate Careers

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