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Key areas of support

NAB Assist

Financial hardship assistance for customer relief.

NAB Recovery Fund

Fundraising and grants for impacted communities.

NAB Volunteering

Volunteering to help recovery efforts.

Are you struggling to keep up with your repayments following a natural disaster? Find out how we can help.


Customers affected by drought in South Australia and Victoria

NAB has confirmed its Drought Assistance Package is available to assist customers enduring prolonged drought conditions across South Australia and Victoria. For more information please read the Media Release.

This is a continuation of NAB’s Drought Assistance Package announced in July 2018 to assist customers enduring prolonged drought conditions across NSW and QLD. For more information please read the Media Release.

Anyone who needs assistance or advice should contact their local banker so we can discuss their circumstances and determine the best way to help.

Why is this important?

Some of our customers live in areas which are highly exposed to the impacts of extreme weather events, flood and drought and other natural disasters such as earthquakes and bushfires.

We believe in supporting our customers and communities, both in the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster and on the road to recovery. We provide support and relieve financial stress when natural disaster strikes and we help communities with grants, fundraising appeals and volunteering.

What do we do?

We know that picking up the pieces is never easy. And natural disasters and crises can leave you with unexpected financial stress.

  • Customers who need help with their finances can visit their nearest open NAB branch, contact their banker directly or call NAB Assist on 1800 701 599 (8am-8pm Mon-Fri, or 9am-1pm on Saturdays AEST/AEDT).
  • Small business that need help, call 1300 961 577.
  • For emergency claims, or general insurance, call 1300 555 013.
  • For Property and motor vehicle insurance assistance, call 132 652.
  • Find out more about our approach to hardship assistance.

Customer Care Kit for extra assistance

As well as talking to our team, there are free services out there to give you some extra assistance. Take a look at our Customer Care Kit for links to helpful resources and organisations.

Need to make an emergency claim?

Have you got home and contents or car insurance through us? You can call the Emergency Claims Assistance line anytime on 1300 555 013.

Do you have the right level of insurance?

You can’t stop natural disasters and crises from happening. But you can protect your home, investment property and contents with home insurance. Take some time to consider your current cover. To find out more, view our insurance options.

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