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Key results

Paper reduction

Reduced paper use by 20% between 2013 and 2016.

Best-practice technology

Transitioned to an air-cooled data centre which uses significantly less water than a traditional data centre.

Sustainable building certifications

Designed, built and operated to best practice standards.

Why is this important?

Our direct environmental impact is primarily a result of building occupancy, equipment use (in particular in our data centres) and travel. The key environmental impacts of these activities are resource use (paper) and the generation of carbon emissions and waste.

We focus on understanding how we use resources so that we can minimise waste and reduce consumption and thus reduce our environmental impact. Where we can, we look for opportunities to re-use and recycle.

What do we do?

We’ve put in place a range of energy and resource efficiency initiatives

Our program aligns with the Energy Efficiency Opportunities Act (now repealed) and the key requirements and approach under the EEO Program. Our energy efficiency projects focus on reducing energy consumption through the equipment we use and through the way we heat, cool and light our buildings.

We’re actively working on reducing our resource use and waste

  • Paper and printing: Through digital initiatives and by changing employee behaviour we’ve reduced our paper use by 20% between 2013 and 2016 alone.
  • Recycled paper: In Australia, we’ve switched to 100% recycled and National Carbon Offset Standard certified carbon neutral paper. This paper is also certified as having come from sustainably managed forests.
  • Reduced our water use: We’ve installed a rainwater harvesting system and increased water storage capacity at our main Australian data centre. In New Zealand, rainwater harvesting occurs at some of our office buildings.
  • Adopted best-practice technology: Our new air-cooled data centre uses significantly less energy and 98% less water than the average water use across our existing data centres. We’ve also installed water saving fixtures and upgraded appliances to improve water efficiency across our Australian branches. Our newest office building, 700 Bourke Street in Melbourne, is equipped with a blackwater (sewage) treatment plant, which is delivering significant water savings compared to traditional office buildings of a similar size.

We’ve obtained sustainable building certifications

We’re continually making improvements to the way we operate our buildings and we select equipment to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities. We also work with our suppliers to help us reduce our environmental footprint further, while encouraging them to do the same. We are also focussed on ensuring that our buildings are designed, built and operated to best practice standards, and have achieved the following certifications.

Our Singapore Asia Square office has also been awarded the Green Mark Platinum award and the data centre at this site was awarded the Singapore Standard SS 564 – Design, Operation and Maintenance of Data Centres.

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