Material themes

Identified 6 high-priority material themes for inclusion in our Corporate Responsibility reporting.

Human Rights Policy

Engaged with a range of stakeholders to develop our new Human Rights Policy.

Climate policy engagement

Presented and participated in a Green Climate Fund Climate Finance Roundtable.

Why is this important?

Communication and understanding are key to any successful business, but especially one as connected as ours. By continually engaging with our wide range of stakeholders we can better understand the community’s expectations, identify any problems or issues, and discover opportunities for new products and services.

What do we do?

Our approach to stakeholder engagement is set out in our Corporate Responsibility Policy, and is informed by the AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard. In all interactions with stakeholders, we are committed to being respectful, responsive, open and authentic in our engagement on issues of mutual importance.

Our key stakeholders include:

  • customers
  • our employees and contractors
  • investors (shareholders, fund managers and superannuation funds)
  • analysts
  • industry bodies, associations, regulators and government
  • suppliers
  • the broader community including non-government organisations (NGOs) and our community partners, and
  • media.

Defining material issues for our stakeholders and our business

Connecting with our many and varied stakeholders is an important part of our operations. Maintaining an open and constructive dialogue with our stakeholders helps us understand expectations and contributes to risk management, learning and innovation. It also helps identify emerging issues, as well as opportunities for creating new products and services, and improving our performance.

We interact with a diverse range of stakeholders. In Dig Deeper Report we detail our stakeholders, the ways in which we engage with them and their issues of interest. We also detail our annual materiality assessment process (our Materiality Review) along with details of the independent assurance that has been undertaken on our external Corporate Responsibility reporting.

While our Materiality Review provides us with a good understanding of the issues that currently matter to our stakeholders, it’s important we continue observing how these issues change over time. We use informal engagement activities throughout the year to inform our determination of materiality.

Our stakeholder engagement forums

Throughout the year we use a number of approaches to generate effective dialogue with our stakeholders. This also ensures our understanding of the material issues reflect current thinking.

These include:

Regular engagement

We value constructive feedback and engagement with a wide range of stakeholders, including NGOs and ESG analysts. We take on board their feedback, information and analysis to assist in the determination of ‘materiality’. You’ll find our most recent engagements detailed in our Dig Deeper report.

Your feedback

We know how important it is to listen and respond to customer and community concerns on a wide range of issues and we’re committed to doing business in a responsible manner – this includes how we manage our operations (including our supply chain) and financing activities.

If you would like to give feedback or raise an issue about our business, you can contact our dedicated NAB Resolve team who will lodge your feedback or issue with the appropriate NAB department for investigation as required. We'll ensure that you're updated at an appropriate time.

If you want to contact the Corporate Responsibility team directly, you can email us at Corporate.Responsibility@nab.com.au

You can also read more about raising issues with us here.

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