Fair Trade endorsed

We’re one of the largest Fair Trade endorsed workplaces globally.

Supplier diversity

We promote diversity in our supply chain.

NAB Supplier Awards

We inspire action through our Supplier Awards Program in place since 2010.

Why is this important?

The conduct and performance of our suppliers can have a significant impact on our sustainability as a business, but also on our reputation within the communities in which we operate.

We’re committed to making sure the practices of all the businesses within our Group are fair, responsible and sensitive to the needs of our stakeholders.

What do we do?

We’re still one of the largest Fair Trade endorsed workplaces globally – which covers the tea, coffee, sugar and cocoa used in our offices and branches in Australia and New Zealand. This is a position we’ve held since 2009.

We believe in the fair treatment of our supply chain partners throughout the entire procurement process.

This ranges from robust governance and supplier selection processes, to negotiating contracts that we believe are fair and reasonable. Also, ensuring we recompense suppliers appropriately and within contractual terms and conditions.

Our Group Procurement Policy (PDF, 1.5MB) and Group Outsourcing and Offshoring Policy act as global reference points for our procurement practices, clearly articulating our approach to procurement and sourcing.

Our post-2016 Group-wide supplier sustainability performance targets, measured against a baseline of our 2015 performance, are as follows:


2015 Baseline


Target Date

90% of material/strategic suppliers compliant with GSSPs




100% of new/re-contracted Group suppliers in sensitive sectors assessed for ESG risks each year




We publicly communicate our performance in sustainable supply chain management annually through our Dig Deeper report. This includes performance against our 2013-2016 targets and our post 2016 targets.

Our supplier sustainability program and ESG risk mitigation

Our Group Supplier Sustainability Program identifies and seeks to mitigate sustainability risks within our supply chain. A key component of the Program is our Group’s Supplier Sustainability Principles (GSSPs), which specify the sustainability requirements for suppliers providing goods and services to our businesses.

The Program involves the following key objectives:

  • Implement Supplier Sustainability Principles
  • Monitor compliance with Supplier Sustainability Principles
  • Initiate sustainability improvements with suppliers
  • Support and recognition of supplier performance
  • Report on performance.

More detail about the program can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions and the Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (PDF, 91KB).

Our procurement process clearly informs potential suppliers of our expectations, policies and requirements, and outlines our preference to do business with suppliers that have sustainable business practices. Read our Group Procurement Policy (PDF, 1.5MB).

All supply contracts put out to tender are evaluated against a pre-determined evaluation matrix. This includes any relevant Corporate Responsibility and sustainability criteria, so we can meet our commitments to OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Supplier diversity

We promote diversity in our supply chain through our Australian Supplier Diversity Program. Through the Program, which began in 2012, we’re working to build sustainable enterprises and support communities through the power of purchasing.

Incorporating diverse suppliers (businesses owned by women, Indigenous people, people with disability and social enterprises) into our supply chain helps increase their exposure to corporate procurement while creating employment and training opportunities, sustainable growth and social and financial inclusion.

Our approach to supplier diversity focuses on facilitating introductions between our national Tier 1 suppliers and potential Tier 2 diverse suppliers, who generally only have local or regional reach.

NAB Supplier Awards

We want to inspire all suppliers to achieve their potential, and we try to foster relationships that go beyond the traditional supply and demand arrangements.

Our Supplier Awards Program, in place since 2010, recognises suppliers that have made a significant contribution to helping us become Australia and New Zealand’s most respected bank: particularly through providing outstanding value, delivering exceptional performance and demonstrating that they too live our values.

There are four award categories, aligning with four of our five core values.

  • Passion for Customers
  • Will to Win
  • Do the Right thing
  • Be Bold

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