A few recent highlights


Reduced office paper use by 55% in 2021.


Committed to environmental financing by 2025 to help address climate change.


Reduction in science-based GHG emissions from 2015 baseline.


Sourced 31.4% of our electricity consumption from renewable sources in 2021.

Environmental approach

We're committed to understanding and managing the impacts and dependencies of our business on the environment.

Climate change

The impacts of climate change and climate-related policy are having a growing effect on our business, our customers and the communities in which we operate. That's why we're taking action.

Natural Capital

We’re integrating natural capital considerations into our day-to-day decision making and risk assessment processes.

Resource scarcity

We’re working towards minimising waste and reducing consumption.

Environmental products and services

We’re helping our customers take action for the good of the environment and their business.

Annual Review 2021

A detailed look into our performance over the past financial year.

Read the report (PDF, 2MB) View the numbers (XLSX, 866 KB)