A few key results

Natural Capital Declaration

Only Australian bank to sign the Natural Capital Declaration.

Credit Risk

Established a working group to integrate consideration of natural capital into our credit risk decisions.

Why is this important?

Natural Capital is part of our journey towards understanding natural capital risks and opportunities, and integrating natural capital considerations into our day-to-day decision making and risk assessment processes.

The world's stock of natural capital produces a wide range of ecosystem services, such as the provision of clean water, pollination services of bees, decomposition of wastes and many more, which allow human life to thrive.

As our population grows, the impacts of degrading our natural capital pose significant challenges for our economic prosperity. Vice versa, by investing in building our natural capital, we can enhance business resilience and productivity.

We need to manage our natural capital with the same diligence that we manage our financial capital. This means accounting for the availability of clean water, investing in biodiversity and putting a value on soil conservation.

What do we do?

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Environmental approach

We're committed to understanding and managing the impacts and dependencies of our business on the environment.

Climate change

The impacts of climate change and climate-related policy are having a growing effect on our business, our customers and the communities in which we operate. That's why we're taking action.

Environmental products and services

We’re helping our customers take action for the good of the environment and their business.

Resource scarcity

We’re working towards minimising waste and reducing consumption.