Our approach

Working together

Working together

Our suppliers assist us to deliver our vision and work towards building great outcomes for our customers.

Supplier diversity

Supplier diversity

We value and promote diversity in our supply arrangements.

Working together

We have an extensive range of suppliers who work with us to deliver high quality products and services to our customers.

Our suppliers must share our values, meet our business requirements and be appropriately screened to ensure that their arrangements and their supply pose minimal or no risk to our customers or us.

NAB encourages its suppliers to continuously improve their products and standard of service, in order to enhance our customer experiences and outcomes.

We monitor our supply arrangements to ensure that our standards are being met, including in contract performance, service delivery, risk management and communication.

Supply Chain Management

For almost 160 years, we’ve been helping our customers with their money. However, we don’t do this on our own. We rely on partnering with suppliers to provide the best solutions.

SAP Ariba

We’ve partnered with SAP Ariba, a global leader in the procurement solutions, to help digitise the way we work with our supplies. They provide us with a source topay platform that deliver benefits to our suppliers, which includes invoice automation, online catalogues and a secure site for your contact and banking details.

What does this mean for suppliers? NAB will be using SAP Ariba for sourcing goods and services, contract management and payments. If you’re not already on our SAP Ariba system, we will invite you to register.

Small Business Payment Terms In 2017, NAB we became a signatory to the Australian Supplier Payment Code developed by the Business Council of Australia. This provides small business suppliers with a standard payment terms of 30 days from receipt of a valid tax invoice. If you’re a small business and have any queries about this, please email our team.

Sustainability supply chain

The conduct and performance of our suppliers can not only have a significant impact on our sustainability as a business, but also on our reputation within the communities in which we operate.

We’re committed to making sure the practices of all the businesses within our Group are fair, responsible and sensitive to the needs of our stakeholders.

We encourage all our suppliers to become signatories to our Group’s Supplier Sustainability Principles (PDF, 8.1MB) which specify the sustainability requirements for suppliers providing goods and services to our businesses.

We have risk management processes to identify, assess, mitigate and monitor potential risk areas where we could be exposed to human rights concerns, including modern slavery. These processes and actions we take each year are outlined in our Modern Slavery Statement.

Supplier diversity

Including diverse suppliers (businesses owned by women, Indigenous people, people with disability, and social enterprises) into our supply chain helps increase their exposure to corporate sourcing, while creating employment and training opportunities, sustainable growth and social and financial inclusion.

An internal working group implements our Supplier Diversity Program with representatives from Enterprise Sustainability, Strategic Sourcing and Social Impact. The working group aims to drive diversity in NAB's supply chain directly and also by facilitating introductions with our national tier one suppliers.

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Stakeholder engagement

Maintaining an open and constructive dialogue with stakeholders is essential for business. It's how we understand community expectations, identify issues and discover opportunities to improve.

Performance and reporting

Our Annual Reporting suite provides an overview of our corporate responsibility strategy and performance.

Memberships and recognitions

We participate in industry initiatives to advance and recognise responsible business.