Steps to create a new User

Make sure you’re logged into NAB Connect as an Administrator to get started.

  1. From the Admin menu, select ‘Users & permissions’.
  2. Select ‘Create user’. 
  3. In the User details section, complete the mandatory fields.
  4. In the User type & access method section, click the ‘Type’ dropdown list and select the type of User you want to create. The description underneath the dropdown changes to match the type of access you select.
  5. If you request a: 
    • Mobile Token for a User (either General or Authorising User), they will receive a Mobile Token activation email and SMS 
    • password (for a General User), they will receive an email with the temporary password
    • Physical Token for a User, they will receive an email with a temporary PIN.
  6. If you selected ‘Payment authoriser with Physical token’, select whether it is a new or existing token.
  7. If you selected either of the Payment authoriser types, complete the details in the Verification section. 
    • If the User is an existing NAB personal account or credit cardholder, supply their account details.
    • If the User has been verified at a NAB branch, supply their User details (date of birth, street address, city, state/territory and postcode user details) so NAB can verify.
    • If the User is neither, a verification box will appear to complete the identification form or visit a NAB branch.
  8. After completing the form, click ‘Next’.
  9. In the Services section, select the checkboxes for the services you want the User to access.
  10. In the Resources section, click ‘Accounts’.
  11. Select the accounts to which the User is to have access and click ‘Continue’.
  12. If any of the selected accounts are for uploading files for payroll, executive payroll, or for direct credit or direct debit, click ‘DE User IDs’ (Direct Entry), select the checkbox(s) for the DE User IDs and click ‘Continue’.
  13. If you have financial file transfer upload or download services, select the Mailbox(s) the User needs to have access to.
  14. Click Create user.
    • General User – a success message will be displayed with the User ID which you can provide to the user. Their login details will be provided based on their access method.
    • Authorising User – a request will be sent to NAB to verify the user before creation. A reference number will be sent to you via secure message.

Please note

  • You can’t create Administrators via self-service – you will need to complete the NAB Connect Amendment form instead. 
  • If you have Dual Admin enabled, a second Administrator will need to approve or decline the request.

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