Different user types

General User

General Users have a basic level of access to NAB Connect. They can create and submit payments. A General User can also elect to log in to NAB Connect using a password. They can view and download reports and statements.

Authorising User

Authorising Users can authorise payments and (if nominated to do so) set and approve any breaches to the daily payment limits. They have all the permissions of a General User as well.


Administrators play a very important role in NAB Connect and have the power to:

  • add services
  • add or modify accounts, cards and merchant facilities
  • add new General or Authorising Users
  • modify General Users’, Authorising Users’ and Administrators’ access, including the managing and approving of breaches of payment limits for Authorising Users and Administrators
  • modify General Users’ and Authorising Users’ contact details
  • modify the NAB Connect primary contact person and NAB Connect postal address 
  • increase security settings, including Authorisation rules, Segregation of Duties, Dual Admin and Transaction signing
  • reset General User passwords and request replacement/reset of security devices for all users (mobile or physical)
  • nominate the account to be debited for all NAB Connect service fees and charges
  • request to remove services, accounts, reports and other related items if no longer required
  • access a report that includes details of all users and permissions.

Please note

Because of their level of access, it’s crucial that Administrators and Authorising Users have been identified. This is an Anti-Money Laundering (AML)/Counter-Terrorism Financing Act (CTF) requirement. Ask your business banker if you’re unsure if your intended Administrator or Authorising User has already been identified by NAB.

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