Steps for requesting BSB range access for a User

Make sure you’re logged into NAB Connect as an Administrator to get started. 

  1. From the Services menu, select ‘Secure messages’.
  2. Select Create message.
  3. From the Topic drop-down list, select ‘User access’.
  4. In the Message subject field, type ‘Add BSB range to new User’.
  5. In the User ID with issue field, type the User ID of the new User.
  6. In the Type of enquiry drop-down list, select ‘Cannot access account or service’.
  7. In the Additional information field, type:
    1. The User requiring access to BSB range to access vouchers online
    2. The BSB range to be added, or to provide the same access as a current User, model on that user’s name and User ID.
  8. Once the request has been actioned, you will receive notification via secure message, which can then be printed or saved for audit purposes.

Please note

  • If Dual Administration is enabled, both Administrators must approve changes made through self-service.
  • Users must have access to corporate vouchers online
  • For new users, first create the user and then follow the above steps to assign the desired BSB range.

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