Here's what you get...

  • Real-time feeds, ready when you are

  • Easily set up feeds for over 35 NAB account types*

  • Greater visibility over all kinds of financial data in real-time

What you'll need...

  • Have an existing account with NAB

About bank feeds

Since 2009 , NAB and Xero’s close relationship has empowered businesses and their advisors with automated bank feeds. You can set up bank feeds in minutes through NAB Internet Banking. Once you make the connection, your transaction data will appear in Xero automatically from the next business day. And it’s refreshed after every business day.

Set up bank feeds

Make the connection

Thousands of businesses have already linked their NAB accounts with Xero. Bank feeds make reconciling invoices faster and easier and they give your a clear view of your bank balances and activity.

Compared with entering data manually, bank feeds are a huge time-saver. And by giving you more visibility of your cashflow, they’ll help you make better-informed decisions every day.

Here's how it works

  • Step 2 Accept terms and conditions
  • Step 3 Select accounts, click Share with Xero and login to Xero
  • Step 4 Match the accounts in Xero and click Connect

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Frequently asked questions

What do I need before setting up Bank Feeds?

You’ll need to add your NAB account number in Xero first. You can do this in by logging in to your Xero Accounting Package and clicking on Select Bank Feeds.

If you’re applying via the manual registration form (see “How do I set up Bank Feeds to my Xero Accounting Package?), your account number in Xero must also match the account number on the form.

How do I set up Bank Feeds to my Xero Accounting Package?

NAB Internet Banking is the fastest way to setup Bank Feeds to Xero.

If you don’t have Internet Banking, you can register.

Alternatively, there is an application form for users without Internet Banking, available through the Xero help page.

Set up Bank Feeds in Internet Banking:

  1. Click Set up bank feeds to initiate the setup process.
  2. Go to Accept terms and conditions. You’ll need to accept the Terms and Conditions to proceed.
  3. Select the accounts that you would like to set up for Xero Bank Feeds and click Share with Xero.
  4. Click Navigate to Xero.This will take you to Xero and prompt you to log in.

Connect your feeds to your Xero organisation and inputted bank accounts.

  1. Login to Xero
  2. Under Organisation select the organisation that contains the Xero account which matches the NAB bank account number (on the left).
  3. Under Match to account in Xero select the account name.
  4. Click Connect.

You’re all done. Your Bank Feeds will be available from the next working day.

Set up bank feeds via application form:

  1. Download and complete the application form that can be found on the Xero help page. Complete a separate form for each of the organisation’s Bank Feeds you wish to activate in Xero.
  2. Send the completed form to

You’re ready to go. Bank feeds will start in up to 10 working days.

About the form:

Please ensure your signature has been uploaded to NAB so the form application can be processed. This can be done at any NAB Branch.

If you have two signatories to your accounts, ensure you include both on the application form.

You need to include the BSB and account numbers for each account that you wish to set up in Xero.

If you want your Bank Feeds to start at a future date, please include this date on your form.

What kind of accounts can I set up for Bank Feeds?

  • Personal transaction accounts
  • Business accounts
  • Loan accounts
  • Term deposit accounts
  • Credit card accounts

How long will it take to set up?

Internet Banking

If you set up your Bank Feeds in NAB Internet Banking, your feeds will start on the next working day, and be available in your Xero Accounting Package before 8.30am.

Application Form

If you set up your Bank Feeds with an application form, Bank Feeds will be available in up to 10 working days.

Will historical transactions appear in my Accounting Package when I setup bank feeds?

No. Setting up Bank Feeds will not import your transaction history. But you can contact your Xero accountant about importing a bank statement.

Who will be able to view or change my Bank Feeds?

Anyone that is authorised to access your Internet Banking profile is able to share or unshare your Bank Feeds.

My Bank Feeds are not working. Where can I get help?

If your query is related to:

Registration for Bank Feeds via Internet Banking:

Contact the NAB Business Servicing Team on 13 10 12

Not receiving your bank feeds file in your Xero Accounting Package:

Contact Xero Support –

If, after submitting a Bank Feeds registration form, you haven’t received your Bank Feeds file in your Xero Accounting Package after 10 working days:

Contact the NAB Business Servicing Team on 13 10 12

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Important information

Security for communications and transactions over the Internet is important for both NAB and our customers, and we'd like to let you know that the NAB Internet Banking security system, as well as oAuth, have been selected by our data security experts following extensive research.

Xero is not a NAB entity and NAB is not recommending the use of Xero or any of its products.

Target Market Determination for the above NAB products are available at

*NAB account types are listed in the FAQ section above.

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