When considering EFTPOS machines for your business, it pays to consider which features you need and how you make sales. Learn more about the different types of EFTPOS machines available and how to make the right decision that suits your business needs.

What types of EFTPOS machines are available?

Standalone EFTPOS

If you’re on the move at markets or events, or you’re a tradie who works at customers’ homes, a standalone EFTPOS machine could be right for you. It won’t be connected to a cash register or a point of sale (POS) system. However, you can still use it to accept credit or debit card payments, as well as payments by mobile wallet or a wearable device.

Integrated EFTPOS

For retail stores, restaurants or other small businesses where customers make payments at a fixed location, an integrated EFTPOS machine may be the best choice. Convenient and secure, it can also be connected to a Point of Sale (POS) system for easy payment processing. Some integrated EFTPOS machines can also be used on the move by connecting to 4G mobile networks.

Questions to ask before you choose an EFTPOS machine

Do you do business on the road, online or in-store?

If you’re always on the go, you need an EFTPOS payment solution that goes where you go. Consider a Standalone EFTPOS machine that can be used to accept payments on the move, or a mobile EFTPOS solution like NAB Easy Tap

For businesses that mostly accept payments online, an online and eCommerce payment solution lets you integrate your software seamlessly with payment gateways.

If you’re a business which uses a POS system and operates from a physical location, then an integrated EFTPOS machine can be a good choice.

Does the type of EFTPOS machine suit how customers want to pay?

When choosing an EFTPOS machine for your business, think about fast, easy card payment processing for customers.

Many customers want to quickly and easily pay the restaurant bill at the table. Some customers could grow frustrated with slow payment processing and will likely not return to the cafe or restaurant due to the inconvenience. NAB’s Standalone and Integrated EFTPOS machines will help with simple and quick processing of payments.

Would you benefit from greater transaction security?

As a business owner, you want an EFTPOS payment solution that helps to process transactions safely for you and your customers. EMV chip technology that generates a unique code for each transaction, encryption of cardholder data and fraud detection and monitoring in real time are essential features. Additionally, NAB’s EFTPOS machines are compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

Do you need POS software to help with record keeping?

Consider an EFTPOS machine that can integrate with your POS software to help you update inventory, keep track of sales and help your small business grow. 

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