Your customers want flexible and secure payment choices. Portable EFTPOS machines are the fast and easy way to accept payments in a shop, a market, or a customer’s home. You can also turn your Android device into a portable EFTPOS terminal to take payments securely with no extra hardware needed.

Improving your business operations

Getting a portable EFTPOS machine can reduce payment hassles and help your business grow. It streamlines the payment process and lets you see a record of all sales. Fast and secure, same-day settlement means it can also improve cash flow.

Be confident payments are secure

Get peace of mind knowing portable EFTPOS machine transactions are secure for both you and your customers.

Some of the safety features we include:

  • Latest technology to protect your business from fraud;
  • Encryption of cardholder data so that sensitive information is safe while payment is being authorised;
  • Access to industry fraud experts to assist in keeping your business secure.

NAB Easy Tap and our EFTPOS machines are approved by Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) for securely processing, storing and transmitting cardholder data.

Of course, by minimising cash handling, you also reduce the risk of theft and counterfeit money and more importantly allow you to never miss a sale.

Accept payments on-the-move

For freelancers, market stalls, pop-up shops, food trucks and event vendors, mobility is key. Portable EFTPOS machines let you accept payments anywhere. You don’t need to worry about carrying cash or making change. Accept cards and digital wallets on the go and move on to serve the next customer.

Improve your cash flow

NAB EFTPOS machines provide businesses with an efficient and secure way to accept customer payments without the need to carry cash on premises, and have the money settled to their nominated business bank account. Depending on the terminal provider and bank account chose to settle in, takings usually occur on the same or next business day. If you settle to a NAB business bank account before 9:30pm AEST/AEDT, you'll have same day settlement and access to your funds seven days a week.

Payment solutions available with NAB Merchant Services

Standalone EFTPOS

With a Standalone EFTPOS machine you can accept most cards, contactless and mobile payments, including Google Pay, Samsung Pay and Apply Pay.

Use it on your countertop, connected wirelessly to a docking station and your Wi-Fi, or anywhere else using 4G mobile networks.

Our portable EFTPOS machine is strong but lightweight with 8 to 10 hours of battery life so you won’t run out of charge when you’re on the road. It also has raised markings and back lit ergonomic keys to make it easier to enter payments quickly.

NAB Easy Tap

Take convenience to the next level with NAB Easy Tap app. It’s a tap and pay app that turns your Android device into a payment terminal to accept contactless payments on the go. With no need to buy or rent a separate terminal, it's a simple low-cost flexible payment solution which lets your business take payments anywhere, any time. This may be an effective payment solution for freelancers, baristas, pop-up stores and other small businesses who need to take payments 24/7.

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