About the Ingenico Move/5000 EFTPOS terminal

Quick view

  • Colour: Black
  • Display: 8.89cm colour touchscreen
  • Dimensions: Length 169mm x Width 78mm x Height 57mm
  • Lightweight: 320 grams
  • Contactless payments
  • Mobile and countertop in one
  • Fast thermal printer
  • Security: PCI PTS 4


  • Mobile 4G
  • Bluetooth between terminal and base
  • Wi-Fi

Guides for using your terminal

Getting started

  • Your terminal box contains

    •  New NAB EFTPOS (Mobile)  terminal
    • Charger base
    • Power supply
    • 5 receipt rolls to get you started, and one already fitted in the terminal
    • A quick reference guide which includes how to contact us if you need help, and a USB which links to the user guide. When you insert the USB into your computer, it will automatically open

    Please keep the user guide and USB in a safe place near your terminal for future use.

  • Know your terminal and its keys

    Using the touchscreen and keypad

    Using the Touchscreen

    The NAB EFTPOS Mobile terminal has a color touchscreen. Navigating using the touchscreen is easy and intuitive for your customers. Simply follow the prompts and tap the option on the screen to make a selection.

    Using the Keypad

    The Menu button is used to access the terminal menu options

    The ENTER button on the keypad is used to accept a selected option highlighted or to accept data entry.

    The button is also used to power on the terminal

    The CLEAR button on the keypad is used for clearing entered data or moving back to the previous screen

    The CANCEL button on the keypad is used to cancel the current function and return to the Home screen

    The Function button on the keypad is used to perform certain advanced functions on the terminal

    Press F2 on the touch screen to Scroll down the menu options

    Press F3 under the screen to scroll up the menu options

    Basic functions

    Power on

    Press the green ENTER key

    Power off

    Remove the terminal from its base and any power source. Press and hold the Func and yellow CLEAR keys together

    Cancel an action

    Press the red CANCEL button

    Change terminal passwords

    Contact the Merchant Service Centre

    Idle State

    If there is no activity on the terminal for 60 seconds, the terminal will return to the Home screen

  • This function allows you to set-up the terminal to automatically settle every day at a preferred time that you specify.

    The terminal must be switched on for automatic settlement to occur. For overnight settlements, it is recommended the terminal remains on its charging base.

    Note: This function is not available on your NAB EFTPOS Mobile terminal when your terminal is integrated with your POS.

    Setting up automatic settlement

     1. Press the Func key

    2. Enter 13 using the PINpad and press ENTER

    3. Press ENTER to change the time

    4. Enter the new time in the 24 hour HH:MM format, and press ENTER

Everyday tasks

  • You’ll require your terminal password in order to perform this action. If you do not know or forget what your terminal password is, call the Merchant Service Centre on 1300 369 852 they’ll reset your password for you.

    To lock your terminal:

    1. Press the ‘Func’ button
    2. Press ‘4’ and press ‘ENTER’ then ‘ENTER’ again to lock the terminal.

    To unlock your terminal:

    1. Press ‘ENTER’ to display the ACCESS CODE? prompt.
    2. Enter your 4 digit Terminal Password and press ‘ENTER’ to unlock the terminal.
  • To order receipt rolls

    You may order receipt rolls directly from your terminal. The stationery order will be sent after a logon or the next financial transaction. You will receive an order of 20 rolls within 2-5 business days.

     1. Press the Func key

    2. Enter 30 using the PINPAD and press ENTER

    3. Press ENTER to order reciept rolls

    4. A message displays to confirm the order is been submitted

  • To change receipt rolls, follow the below instructions:

    1. Open the paper compartment by lifting the catch located at the top of contactless landing zone, and pull the cover to the rear of the terminal

    2. Insert the paper roll into the compartment at the rear of the terminal

    3. Pull the paper up towards the top of the terminal

    4. Maintain the paper and close the cover

    5. Press simultaneously on both upper corners of the contactless landing zone until it clips into position

    6. If needed, press the Feed key on the keypad to advance the paper


    1. Press the Func key
    2. Enter 32 using the pinpad and press ENTER
    3. Select 2. REFUND and press ENTER
    4. Enter the current password and press ENTER
    5. Enter the new password and press ENTER
    6. Enter the new password again and press ENTER
    7. A confirmation message is displayed when successful. Press CANCEL to exit the menu
  • How to clean your terminal

    1. Use a damp cloth to wipe away dust, finger prints and marks.
    2. Don’t spray cleaners directly onto the keypad or terminal display.
    3. It’s important the battery stays clean and unbent.
    4. Don’t attempt to clean the smart card reader. If you do, you may lose your warranty. If you’d like to service your smart card, call us on 1300 369 852.

    How to look after your NAB EFTPOS machine

  • How to return your terminal

    1. Contact the Merchant Service Centre on 1300 369 852 to arrange for your terminal to be collected.
    2. We will arrange for the terminal to be picked up by a courier.
    3. Ensure that your contact details are correct as our courier will call you to arrange pickup. If you can’t be reached on the phone number you have provided, this will delay the return of the terminal and you may continue to incur the monthly terminal rental fee.
    4. When the courier arrives ensure you return all of the components; this includes the terminal, the base, the power supply and all cables.

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