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NAB Business Fit

NAB Business Fit

What is NAB Business Fit?

We’ve partnered with StriveStronger to create NAB Business Fit, a hub of practical and evidence-based learning resources. These are presented by a range of experts in business, sport, entertainment and science.

It’s designed to help business owners and their staff be more resilient, transition to new ways of working and sustain physical and psychological wellbeing.

Business Fit podcasts

It's important to look after your most important resource - you and your staff. That's where NAB Business Fit comes in. It's a complimentary program that's packed with practical, regularly updated content from workplace performance experts that can help support you and your team.

Episode 1: Andrew May - NAB Business Fit

Hear from the founder of Strive Stronger about what makes him tick, and how NAB Business Fit can help small business owners improve mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Episode 2: Kieren Perkins - NAB

From two-time Olympic gold medallist to successful executive at NAB - hear Kieren’s thoughts on starting again, mastering change, running a small business and why he wants to be more playful at work.

Episode 3: Trent Innes – Xero CEO

Learn how Xero fosters culture, values, a people-first approach and how they’ve even written rock songs about accountants. Hear more from the CEO of one of Asia - Pacific’s leading fintech companies.

Episode 4: Justin Langer

Justin describes himself as a father, uncle, brother, headmaster, policeman and therapist. Drawing on his amazing cricketing career and post-cricket experiences, hear Justin’s practical advice about coaching, culture and overcoming fear.

Episode 5: Dr Tom Buckley

Interested in the science of stress, increasing your resilience and overcoming adversity? Hear from one of the topic’s leading researchers, who’s survived cancer and a recent near-fatal bike accident.

Episode 6: Janine Kirk

CEO. Chair. Role model. Influencer. Janine has worked with everyone from British royalty to start-ups. Learn more about her extraordinary life, and why she wants to change outdated leadership models.

Episode 7: Craig Tiley - Tennis Australia

Learn some of Craig’s secrets to success, including nurturing, relationships, creating a coaching culture and doing 3 simple things each day. You’ll also get his interesting take on future proofing your business.

Episode 8: Bill Lang - Small Business Australia

From selling hot dogs, to working for global consulting firms and large banks, to launching start-ups in Silicon Valley, hear from one of Australia’s most prominent voices about the heart and soul of running a business.

Episode 9: Chris Karagounis - Alex Kaar Australia

Chris is a Managing Partner at Alex Kaar, a boutique executive search and recruitment firm. Enjoy his refreshing take on what it takes to drive business success - a focus on relationships, adding value and developing talent.

Episode 10: Naomi Simson - Red Balloon

The founder of runaway success Red Balloon is also a best-selling author, a highly sought-after speaker and a philanthropist - and Shark Tank investor! Hear Naomi’s inspiring story and tips to stay in control when things don’t go to plan.

Episode 11: Wayne Pearce - NRL

Leadership lessons, lifelong fitness, saving the NRL during COVID, and everything in between. From high school science teacher to rugby star and NRL commissioner, Wayne shares some great stories and business insights.

Episode 12: Jake Bailey

Jake Bailey is an internet-breaking speaker, cancer survivor, writer and founder of, a resilience program for school students. Hear about his amazing experiences and what he’s learned about mindset, moral strength and the power of micro ambitions.

Episode 13: Dr Nicola Gates

Clinical neuropsychologist Dr Nicola is known as the ‘brain expert’. She’s a world-renowned speaker, author and researcher, and a regular guest on radio and television. Hear her talk about overcoming adversity and the growth that can come from trauma.

Episode 14: Lisa Messenger – The Messenger Group

Now a prolific author and owner of a multi-media publishing empire, Lisa was a rebel at school who struggled at English. Learn how the questioning spirit helped her achieve success, and hear her views on podcasting, publishing and digital platforms.

Episode 15: Andrew May

RIP 9 to 5! CEO of StriveStronger gives his tips for productivity and coping with change. You’ll also hear why COVID has transformed the way we work forever, and what this means for your business.

Episode 16: Michael Klim

Michael is a three-time Olympian, businessman, public personality and motivational speaker. Hear him talk about competitive spirit, learning agility and what it’s like to run a global skin care business.

Episode 17: Kerwin Rae

Kerwin failed every year in high school. Now he reaches millions with inspirational content about business, psychology, high performance, health, parenting and relationships. Learn more about his no-nonsense approach to business growth and personal transformation.

Episode 18: Paul Roos

Paul is an AFL hall of famer turned premiership coach, commentator and business leader. He’s known as one of Australia’s leading thinkers on performance, teamwork and leadership. Hear him discuss the value of routines, role models and building real connections.

Episode 19: Ben Lucas – Flow Athletic

Ben Lucas is a former professional rugby league player, marathon runner, yoga devotee, father, husband, charity worker and fitness entrepreneur. Hear his inspiring examples of how to future proof and establish a successful digital business in tough times.

Episode 20: Shelley Roberts – Compass Group

Shelley is Managing Director of Australia's largest food services company with over 11,000 Australian employees.  Originally from South Africa, she has a strong sense of social justice. Hear her talk about compassion, building communities and feeding the country.

Episode 21: Ed Cowan – Tripod Coffee

Former professional cricketer, Ed is now a popular author, podcaster and co-founder of one of Australia’s most innovative environmentally sustainable businesses, Tripod Coffee. He talks all things cricket, coffee and scaling companies.

Episode 22: Tami Roos

Tami Roos is an author, meditation facilitator, intuitive counsellor and speaker. She delivers relaxation and mindset programs for elite performers, including AFL players. Hear her debunk meditation myths, and get some quick pointers on how you can start meditating now.

Episode 23: Chris Ashmore

Chris Ashmore is a Senior Producer at SoundCartel and is an acclaimed judge at the Australian Podcast Awards and The Webby Awards. Find out the three ingredients for creating great podcasts, and what makes or breaks them.

Episode 24: Ross Savas

Ross Savas is the Managing Director of Kay & Burton Real Estate and is widely regarded as one of Australia's most influential real estate agents. Ross has developed an exceptional work ethic and values his relationships as the most important part of his business. In an industry that is all about property, Ross is all about people.

Episode 25: Drew Ginn – Cricket Australia

Drew Ginn is Executive General Manager High Performance at Cricket Australia. He has competed in four Olympics  and is possibly the fittest person we’ve interviewed. Hear him talk about high performance sport, changing careers and finding a cure for cancer.

Episode 26: Andrew May and Dr Tom Buckley -  On preventing burnout

Andrew May and Dr Tom Buckley have discovered there is a fine line between pushing the body’s physical and psychological resources to stretch without snapping. The five factors include: purpose alignment, active recovery, restorative sleep, physiological capacity, and social connectedness.

MatchFit e-book

The complete manual to get your body and brain fit for work and fit for life.

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