When your term deposit matures

The end of your fixed term is known as maturity. When your term deposit reaches maturity, you can:

  • Effortlessly amend the term and rate of your term deposit in just a few steps.
  • Add funds or top up your existing term deposit from a NAB or non-NAB transaction account to grow your investment and earnings.
  • Have the funds directly credited to any Australian account you choose.

If you don’t provide any maturity instructions, we’ll automatically reinvest the term deposit for a new term of the same length as the term that has ended, and at the interest rate applicable at the start of that new term.

Changing instructions on your term deposit 

You can give us instructions about what you want to do with your term deposit, when it matures. This includes providing instructions on closures and directly crediting funds into your account. You can also make changes to existing instructions at any time before maturity.

Call 13 13 12 or complete our term deposit instructions form (PDF, 226KB), opens in new window and return it to your nearest NAB branch.

Things to know about completing a rollover or renewal online

  • The Manage rollover button in the NAB app and NAB Internet Banking will be available for seven calendar days from the maturity date (e.g., if your term matures on 30 June the button will be available until 6 July).
  • When available, the button lets you:
    • change the term deposit interest rate
    • update the duration of the term
    • add funds (top up) the term deposit online.
  • Any term deposit top ups must be completed in a single transaction.
  • You’ll receive a re-lodgement confirmation letter via your nominated communication channel once your payment to top up funds is processed. Processing times may apply.
  • To top up funds online, the total balance of all your term deposits (including top-up funds amount) must be less than $2 million.
  • For balances and funding over $2 million, contact us on 13 13 12 or visit a NAB branch.

You can only top up your term deposit from eligible transaction accounts in your name (not joint accounts where two to sign).

How to renew or rollover your term deposit online

The most convenient way for you to renew, rollover and top up your NAB Term Deposit is by using the NAB app or NAB Internet Banking.

Video tutorial

Watch our short video to find out how to rollover and add funds to your term deposit online.

Steps to update the term and rate

  1. Log into the NAB app or NAB Internet Banking.
  2. Select the term deposit you want to update.
  3. Select Manage rollover.
  4. Tap on Modify.
  5. Select Update term and rate only, tap Next.
  6. Choose a new term or select Custom maturity/end date, tap Next.
  7. Review your new rate and tap Confirm.

Steps to add funds to your term deposit

  1. Log into the NAB app or NAB Internet Banking.
  2. Select your term deposit.
  3. Select Manage rollover.
  4. Tap on Modify.
  5. Select Add funds to your Term Deposit, tap Next.
  6. Enter the dollar value of the ‘top up’, select the term, then tap Next.
  7. Select Transfer now to transfer funds from an eligible NAB account, or
  8. Select Transfer later to transfer funds from a non-NAB account. Make a note of your term deposit account details to enable the funds transfer.
  9. Review the rate and term as well as ‘top up’ value, tap Confirm.

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