User types

There are three types of NAB Connect users:

General User

General Users can create and submit payments.

Authorising User

Authorising Users can authorise payments, and (if nominated to do so) set and approve any breaches to the daily payment limits.

Because of their level of access, we have to make sure that Authorising Users have been  identified. This is a legal requirement. You can check with your business banker to see if a nominated Authorising User has already been identified.

If you submit an Additions/Amendments Request form prior to an Authorising User being identified, you’ll be sent a form for the Authorising User to complete prior to any changes.

Security Officer+ User

Security Officer+ Users play a very important role in NAB Connect and have the power to:

• Add or modify services including user access

• Add or modify accounts, cards and merchant facilities including user access

• Add or modify general or authorising users including Managing and Approving Breaches of Payment Limits for Authorising users

• Modify users contact details, primary contact person and postal address 

• Increase Security settings including Authorisation rules, Segregation of Duties, Dual Admin and Transaction signing

• Reset general user passwords and request replacement/reset of security devices for all users (Mobile or Physical)

• Nominate the account to be debited for all NAB Connect and Service fees and charges

• Request to remove Services, Accounts, Reports and other related items if no longer required

• Access a report that includes details of all users and permissions

Please note: Because of their level of access, it’s crucial that Security Officers have been identified. This is a legal requirement. Ask your business banker if your company already has an identified security officer.