NAB Connect Migration Wizard

Need to copy your beneficiaries and templates from NAB Internet Banking or data sourced in other electronic systems?

You'll be able to copy:
  • your NAB Internet Banking Payee list
  • your saved NAB Internet Banking Multiple Funds Transfer files to create Domestic payment templates and beneficiaries
  • your saved BECS (.ABA) files to create Domestic payment templates and beneficiaries
  • comma-separated files containing beneficiary information.

Get started

Download the NAB Connect Migration Wizard
The migration is a four-step process:


1. Import your beneficiaries and templates
2. Review your imported data
3. Export your migration data
4. Upload your data into NAB Connect

You can run the Migration Wizard multiple times, each time migrating a different set of beneficiaries or templates. 

  • There are two ways you can import to File Wizard.

    1. Use a data source to create a template

    • NAB Internet Banking clients can use their saved (*.IBF) file to create Domestic payment templates.
    • Payment files in the BECS format (*.ABA) as produced by most Australian accounts payable and payroll packages, can be used to create Domestic payment templates.


    2. Use a data source to create Beneficiaries

    NAB Internet Banking clients can use their ‘My payees’ list to create Domestic beneficiaries.

    • Data files that are imported as templates can also be used to source beneficiaries. You can import some (or all) of the individual credit beneficiaries from your *.IBF or *.ABA files to create (by default) Domestic beneficiaries.
    • You can also import a comma-separated list of beneficiary details to create Domestic beneficiaries. Refer to the Wizard Support Centre for the ‘Beneficiary Import File Format’ specifications.

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  • The Review Wizard allows you to review the data that has been imported.

    You can:

    • change the beneficiary or trmplate name
    • delete a beneficiary or template
    • change the payment type of an Australian beneficiary or Direct template
    • copy Australian beneficiaries to other payment types
    • record the country and address of international beneficiaries and templates


    Important Information:

    Uploading the file

    Once the import has started, you cannot change any financial information in a beneficiary or template. If the information in the file is incorrect, you will need to either correct it in Internet Banking or from the data source and then re-import the file. Otherwise it can be corrected in NAB Connect once you have completed the migration.

    Payment Types

    The Review Wizard allows you to have separate permissions for 'Domestic', 'Direct Credit', 'Payroll' and 'Executive Payroll' payment types for each beneficiary and payment templates.


    The 'Country' information is required for the beneficiary and the ‘Beneficiary Bank’ for both international beneficiaries and international payment templates to stay up to date with international payment regulations.

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  • The Export Wizard exports all valid data to a file that can be uploaded to NAB Connect.

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  • Upload Migration File validates the data to ensure that it is not duplicated and saves the information in NAB Connect.

    Once the upload is complete, a summary report is generated and can be compared to the export summary to ensure that all data was successfully migrated.

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  • The data imported into the migration wizard is stored in an encrypted file and cannot be modified outside the wizard.

    Access to the Migration Wizard is controlled with a user-specified password.

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  • Each window within the Migration Wizard is linked to a dedicated help page. You can also access sample scenarios and a tour to assist you through your migration.

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