How to change payments yourself


List all your regular payments

Check your bank statement for all payments coming in and out of your accounts (credits and debits). Contact your old bank for 13 months’ worth of statements if you need help.


Contact your service providers

Contact each company that regularly credits and debits your account. Use this company contact list to find details of companies you might use.

payments-on-your new-account

Set-up your payments on your new account

Ask the companies that make regular payments to and from your account to change their payment details to your new NAB account.

Different types of regular payments

Need help identifying what might be a regular payment on your account? Here are the different types of payments to look for.

Direct debits

These are payments that you authorise a company (biller) to take out from your bank account.

Here’s more information on regular payments.

Recurring payments

These are payments that you authorise a company (biller) to charge to your debit or credit card.

Here’s more information on regular payments.

Tips for a smooth account change

Things you need to do

  • Have enough money in your old account to cover any due payments until all your regular payments are set up on your new NAB account.
  • Check your new NAB account when you expect your next regular debits or credits to appear. If the payment hasn’t switched from your old to your new account, contact the relevant company.
  • Use our sample letters to help you transfer your regular payments to your new NAB account.

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