Credit card repayments and interest

How to make credit card repayments

There are different credit card repayment methods, depending on what’s easiest for you.

1. NAB App

Using the NAB App is a quick and easy way of making credit card repayments.

1) Login to the NAB App.

2) Go to My cards and select your Visa card.

3) Scroll to My previous statement.

4) Click Make payment.

2. NAB Internet Banking

You can make credit card repayments directly from your desktop.

  1. Login to NAB Internet Banking(from your desktop).
  2. Under Accounts heading, select Account Details.
  3. Review Last statement details.
  4. Click Pay minimum amount.
  5. Insert the amount you’d like to repay. The repayment amount can be more than the minimum payment due.

3. NAB Telephone Banking

You can make a credit card repayments by calling 13 22 65, 24 hours a day, seven days a week – calls from mobile phones are charged at applicable rates.

4. Direct debit

Setting up a direct debit through the NAB App or NAB Internet Banking takes the hassle out of making repayments.


  1. Login to the NAB App.
  2. Go to My cards and select your Visa card.
  3. Scroll to My previous statement.
  4. Click Manage automatic payment.

NAB Internet Banking

You’ll need to do this via your desktop.

  1. Login to NAB Internet Banking (from your desktop).
  2. Under Accounts heading, select Account Details.
  3. Select Create or modify Direct Debit.
Use the Direct debit request form (PDF, 509KB) to set up a direct debit from any of your NAB accounts.

5. BPAY®

You can use BPAY® if you don’t have a NAB account.

  • Biller code: 1008
  • Customer reference number: your credit card number.

Allow 2 business days for a BPAY payments to be credited.

6. NAB branch

Visit your closest NAB branch to make a repayment in person.

7. By post

Following the instructions on your credit card statement to pay via postal mail. We only accept bank cheque (no cash).

8. At Australia Post outlet

You can make a repayment at any Australia Post outlet that displays the Bank@PostTM sign. You'll need your credit card and PIN.

Financial Hardship

If you’re having trouble making payments, call us immediately on 1800 701 599 from 8am-8pm Monday-Friday or 9am-1pm on Saturdays (AEST/AEDT). You might also want to read more about Customer Care.

Understanding credit card interest and fees

How to use interest-free period

An interest-free period provides you with the opportunity to avoid paying interest on purchases, if you pay the full closing balance by the specified payment due date each month.

Avoiding late payment fees

To avoid late payment fees, you need to pay at least the minimum payment amount shown on your statement by the due date. You can find this amount on your statement or via the account details screen in NAB Internet Banking (on desktop or via the NAB app).

To get help remembering your payment due date, you can set up NAB Alert reminders (via SMS or email) in NAB Internet Banking.

How to set up NAB Alerts:

  1. Login to NAB Internet Banking (from your desktop).
  2. Go to Settings/ Mailbox.
  3. Select NAB Alerts.
  4. Select Credit Card Payment reminders.

How credit card interest is calculated

There's a complete explanation of how we calculate credit card interest in your account's terms and conditions.

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