Manage your term deposit

Getting early access to your funds

NAB Term Deposits are for savers who are confident they won't need to access their funds during the term of the deposit. If you wish to withdraw money from your term deposit before the end of its term, you'll need to give us 31 days notice. This can affect the interest that we pay you.

The exact cost depends on the amount you want to withdraw, and on changes to our cost of funds since you took out your term deposit. To find out what charges would apply to you:

  • call us on 13 22 65 from 8am - 7pm Mon-Fri or 9am - 6pm on weekends (AEST/AEDT)
  • visit us at any branch.

You can withdraw all or part of your funds after you've provided 31 days notice. If you make a partial withdrawal, your balance must not go below $5,000.

The end of your term

When your term deposit reaches maturity you can:

  • have the funds directly credited to any Australian account you choose
  • reinvest the funds in a new term deposit (either with the interest included, or after you've had the interest paid to you)
  • receive your funds as cash or a bank cheque from any branch.

You can also choose a mix of these options. For example, you might opt to reinvest half of your funds and have the rest paid out as a bank cheque.

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