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Benefits and features

  • Have the certainty of a fixed interest rate
  • Choose a term that suits your investment needs (14 days to 5 years online—or from 7 days in branch)
  • Invest any amount from $5,000
  • Choose terms over 12 months and have your interest paid monthly, quarterly or annually
  • Have your funds directly credited to any Australian account
  • Choose to re-invest your funds, add extra money or withdraw at the end of the term

Before you apply

After you apply

Important information

This product has a fixed term and you will need to provide 31 days’ advance notice to make an early withdrawal.

Before investing, you should consider taking out an at-call account if you think you might need to withdraw your money early.

When your deposit matures, a higher or lower interest rate may apply to any subsequent term.

NAB Term Deposits Terms and Conditions (PDF, 1.23MB)

Indicator rates - selected term deposit products

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