Why get a NAB Low Fee Credit Card?

  • 7 complimentary insurances on our NAB Low Fee Platinum Card1

  • The flexibility to spend more on what’s important to you with our low annual fee cards

  • Fraud protection and online security so you can enjoy peace of mind with all your purchases

  • Access to hundreds of deals, discounts and privileges with Visa Premium Access on our NAB Low Fee Platinum Card

  • Special offers on shows, events, experiences and movies from Visa Entertainment on our NAB Low Fee Card

  • Get ahead by paying no interest on your balance transfer (during the balance transfer period) keeping in mind you’ll still need to make your minimum monthly payments

Our lowest annual fee card with platinum services and complimentary insurances View disclaimer 1

$ 6K

Minimum credit limit

% p.a.

Standard purchase rate

$ 90

Annual card fee

Our lowest annual fee card with no frills

$ 500

Minimum credit limit

% p.a.

Standard purchase rate

$ 30

Annual card fee

  • Purchase protection insurance on personal items for loss, theft, or accidental damage View disclaimer 1
  • Special offers with Visa Entertainment including pre-sale tickets and member promotions
  • Fraud and theft protection with world class security technologies
  • Global assistance for card emergencies
  • Add an additional cardholder at no extra cost View disclaimer *

Here's how Trish uses her NAB Low Fee Credit Card

Trish likes to keep things simple

Trish believes in being safe and practical. Whether it's for emergency purchases, or for paying off a credit card balance with a balance transfer - for her, having a low fee card just makes sense.

Looking for a balance transfer?

Frequently asked questions

What's a credit card?

The official term is ‘revolving line of credit’. In normal speak it’s a card with a set amount of funds (called a 'limit’) you can borrow at any time. That’s the important word: borrowed. Like other loans, credit cards also come with an interest rate.

They have a regular repayment cycle, so the amount of interest you’ll pay will differ each month. It’s determined by how much you spend, how much you repay, and when you repay it.

When's the annual fee charged?

Within the first statement period (generally 30 days) of your card opening and after you’ve made your first purchase. Depending on which card you choose, you may pay a lower annual fee with one credit card when compared to another. Usually, the more features a card has – like rewards points and insurance – the higher its annual fee.

How do I know what to pay?

On your statement, we’ll list your payment details that shows your closing balance, due date (or due now), and minimum payment.

We must receive payment by your statement due date. This is at least your total minimum payment, or if you want to reduce interest, your entire closing balance.

If you don’t owe us anything, there’s no payment date on your statement.

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