NAB Defence

NAB Defence is our security promise to you.

Secure online shopping

To increase your card security when you shop online, NAB provides Visa Secure and services at no additional cost. Then when you shop with participating online stores you'll be protected with extra security.

  • Only shop online at secure websites - look for the padlock at the bottom of your screen before entering any personal information to ensure that you’re shopping from a secure site.
  • Look for reputable internet merchants or stores - anyone can set up a website, so if you are unsure of the business or their online security then ask for more information before you use their service.
  • Ensure the computer you use has current anti-virus and firewall protection.
  • Print out copies of online receipts to make it easier to check your statement.
  • Read more on Visa's website.
  • See NAB Electronic Banking (cards based) Terms and Conditions (PDF, 324KB).
  • See Visa Secure FAQ's.

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