Carry some cash

Whether you're saving up ahead of time or applying for a travel loan, it's inevitable - you'll need cash when you travel. Even though card facilities are increasing around the world, some merchants like buses, taxis, tuk-tuks and food outlets still insist on cash.

It’s always important to carry cash – just not too much.

Withdraw money safely

When using an ATM, be mindful of your safety. If someone follows you to a dark, secluded ATM, use your common sense. Make sure you do your dealings somewhere well lit and out in the open.

Again, don’t take out too much cash. If losing the amount you’ve just withdrawn will ruin your trip, you’re taking out more than you need.

Read our tips on ATM security for more information.

Use debit cards, credit or travel cards

While some cash is a necessity, it’s often safer to use a credit card or travel card instead (at least where cards are accepted).

Unlike cash, if your card gets lost or stolen, you can block it immediately in the NAB appNAB Internet Banking, or by calling us. It becomes useless if it falls into the wrong hands. And you haven't lost your money.

If you’ve got more than one card, don’t carry them together – otherwise you risk losing both. If your hotel room has a safe, leave one locked away while keeping the other in hand.

Wear a money belt

A money belt is a common travel accessory. Designed to be worn out of sight, they’re good for carrying cash and valuable documents.

But don’t confuse a money belt with a bum-bag, which you wear in plain view. No one should know you’re wearing a money belt, so don’t overfill it or wear it over your clothes.

Take multiple cards away with you

Whether it’s cash or a card, scatter your money around. Keep some in a backpack or handbag, some in luggage and some on your person. But just remember where you put it all.

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