Fitbit Pay set up and enrolment instructions

With Fitbit Pay you can add your eligible NAB Visa cards to a Fitbit device to make contactless purchases.

To set up Fitbit Pay you’ll need:

  • your Fitbit device
  • a compatible smartphone
  • the Fitbit app
  • an eligible NAB Visa card
  • internet connection.

Note: You need to have a data connection in order to set up Fitbit Pay on your smartphone, but you don’t need one to use Fitbit Pay for purchases.

Go to Fitbit Pay’s website, opens in new window for full set-up and enrolment instructions.

Eligible NAB cards

All NAB Visa personal and business credit and debit cards (except NAB Business Payments Card) are eligible to use with Fitbit Pay.

Additional cardholders

Additional (secondary) cardholders of eligible personal NAB Visa card products may also register to their card with Fitbit Pay, before or after the primary cardholder.

All business credit and debit cardholders can enrol their card with Fitbit Pay.

You can enrol more than one eligible NAB Visa card with Fitbit Pay. Only one card can be the default on a Fitbit device at one point in time. The card that you have selected to be default within Fitbit Pay, will be used when you do a transaction using a contactless terminal.

Verifying your identity

To complete your enrolment, you’ll need to verify you’re the authorised cardholder. You won’t be able to use Fitbit Pay until the verification is complete.

If you don’t verify the enrolled card/s within 90 days, this enrolment will expire and you’ll need to re-enrol.

You may be given these options to verify your identity:

  • Enter a temporary passcode into the Fitbit app that you receive to your registered mobile. Go to the My details menu in NAB Internet Banking to make sure we have the correct mobile number.
  • Call us on our general enquiry numbers for personal customers and business customers.

Problems enrolling your card?

If you get an error message asking you to contact your bank or the card issuer when enrolling your card, check the following:

  • Do you have a current version of the Fitbit app?
  • Do you have an eligible NAB Visa card?
  • Is your card blocked due to fraud, non-payments or because you reported it lost or stolen?

If you’re still having problems, call our general enquiry numbers for personal customers and business customers.

Changing enrolled NAB Visa cards

If you change your NAB Visa card product, your Fitbit Pay service will be impacted. You’ll need to set up the new eligible NAB Visa card with Fitbit Pay. You should remove any unused cards from your wallet after you set up the new card product.

Closing an enrolled NAB Visa card

If you close a credit or debit account which has a NAB Visa card enrolled in Fitbit Pay, that enrolled card will be deactivated in Fitbit Pay, including cards enrolled by any other cardholders.

As it's no longer active, you can remove the card from the Fitbit app on your paired smartphone. For further assistance, please check Fitbit Pay FAQs, opens in new window.

The details of enrolled cards due to expire will be automatically updated in Fitbit Pay so you can continue to use Fitbit Pay without any disruption.

Removing an enrolled card

You can remove or delete a card from the Fitbit Pay service by using the Fitbit app on your paired smartphone. The Fitbit Pay FAQs, opens in new window explain how to remove or delete cards.

As a primary cardholder, facility or business owner, you'll only be able to remove an additional cardholder’s access to Fitbit Pay by removing the cardholder from the account altogether. 

Call our general enquiry number for personal customers and business customers, opens in new window for help to remove an additional cardholder.

Viewing receipts and transactions

When you enrol for Fitbit Pay your device is allocated a virtual card number. For added security, this is used for contactless purchases instead of your physical card number.

The last four digits of the digital card number will appear on receipts for Fitbit Pay purchases. This allows you to identify which virtual card number belongs to which device if you have more than one device registered for Fitbit Pay.

There will be no changes to how transactions will appear on NAB Internet Banking, NAB Connect, NAB app or customer statements.

You can view the last three transactions using the Fitbit app on your paired smartphone. This will show you the merchant name, date and amount.

You cannot see any transaction details on your Fitbit device other than a success message when the payment is completed.

For personal cards, a primary cardholder can view all your additional (secondary) cardholder's transaction. You can check the last four digits of the card number displayed beneath each transaction on your cardholder statements, NAB Internet Banking or the NAB app.

For business cards, the facility or business owner can view all cardholder transactions via NAB Internet Banking, NAB Connect or the NAB app.

Reversing or disputing Fitbit Pay transactions

The process is the same as any other NAB Visa card transaction refund or reversal. First speak to the merchant, as each merchant's return policy will vary.

How to dispute a transaction.

Fraudulent transactions

Your Fitbit device is protected with a 4-digit device code. This needs to be entered daily to enable your device before you can start making transactions.

If you suspect fraud on your account, please call us immediately. Read more about how we protect your accounts using NAB Defence.

If you’re giving your device to someone else, you’ll need to factory reset it to erase apps and all personal data from the device. You may be liable for transactions not made by you if you shared your Fitbit device.

For more information, see Fitbit Pay’s FAQs, opens in new window.

Securing your Fitbit Pay device

No one can use your Fitbit device to make purchases without your daily 4-digit device code. Your banking details aren’t stored on your device so they are safe.

You can still use your physical NAB Visa card to make purchases without your Fitbit device, if it’s lost or stolen. You will need to use your card’s PIN to make purchases of $100 or more.

If you lose your Fitbit device, you can remove or suspend the NAB Visa card from the Fitbit app on your paired smartphone.

If you remove the card, you’ll need to re-enrol it. When you suspend your card, it remains stored in Fitbit Pay, but you can’t use it to make purchases with your device until you un-suspend it. If you lose your paired smartphone as well, you can log into your dashboard to remove your card.

Other cardholders won’t be affected if you remove your Fitbit Pay service.

See Fitbit Pay’s FAQs, opens in new window for more information.

Lost and stolen cards

If your card is lost or stolen, you can block your card immediately in the NAB app, NAB Internet Banking or by calling us on 1800 033 103 (within Australia) or +61 3 8641 9121 (from overseas), 24 hours, 7 days a week - toll free.

When your card is blocked, you won't be able to use it for Fitbit Pay. But as soon as your new card is ready, your details will be automatically updated to Fitbit Pay, there’s no need to re-enrol your card again.

Important information

Fitbit Pay in app terms

Dated 21 May 2019

The terms and conditions that apply to your card, card details and contactless readers, and Fitbit’s terms and conditions, will also apply to the use of your card details through Fitbit Pay wallet.

Device lost or stolen

If your Fitbit device is lost or stolen, refer to Fitbit support, opens in new window for how you can suspend or remove card(s) in your Fitbit app or call us immediately. Suspending or removing your card from the Fitbit app will still allow you to keep using your physical card.


We use your information in accordance with the NAB privacy policy.

Fitbit share information with us for fraud and identification purposes. See Fitbit’s privacy policy, opens in new window.

Other information

Credit card terms and conditions

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