The Reef Restoration Foundation is a social enterprise foccused on creating optimism for the Great Barrier Reef with innovative coral reef restoration techniques.

Reef Restoration Foundation

The Reef Restoration Foundation has developed a pilot ocean-based coral nursery which aims to accelerate the recovery of damaged high-value reefs. It’s been established at Fitzroy Island, Cairns with plans to expand a series of coral nurseries throughout the Great Barrier Reef. The process mimics nature and has been proven overseas and adopted in Australia and would build resilience for future bleaching events.

We’re passionate about sustaining and restoring our environment, that's why the NAB Foundation provided Reef Restoration Foundation with a financial grant to help them expand.

We recognise that addressing environmental challenges like climate change, resource scarcity and natural capital loss and degradation is crucial. Our approach to natural value is to bring environmental considerations into business decision making for ourselves and our customers. Furthermore, we aim to manage risks and identify new opportunities that will drive better business and environmental outcomes.

Find out more about NAB’s Natural Value strategy and discover more about the NAB Foundation.

NAB presents Reef Restoration Foundation

We’re working together with our influential community partners to make a better Australia. We’re really proud to hero some of the amazing work that’s making a positive impact every day.

*Location: Fitzroy Island

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