Find out why first time father, Daniel Flynn believes nappies may hold the key to preventing infant and maternal mortality in developing nations.

How it all began

Daniel founded Thankyou, a social enterprise, at just 19 years old in response to the world water crisis. “At the time, 900 million people didn't have access to clean water, and about 4,500 children died every day from waterborne disease,” he comments. “An idea dropped: maybe we could combine the power of all of us through consumer products to make a difference.”

One hundred percent of Thankyou’s profits go to water, food and health charity projects and as of January 2016 the company has funded safe water access for 192,367 people. “Every product has a code tracker that enables consumers to see firsthand the GPS coordinates and details of the wells or the food programs they’re funding” explains Flynn. “Lots of good causes pop up, but there's a natural part of us that wonders, what difference do you make? With Thankyou we’re trying to connect you with your impact more than ever before.”

The importance of partnerships

Partnership has been key to Thankyou’s success. “Partnering with the consumer, partnering with manufacturers, partnering with retailers and partnering with businesses, both small and large,” says Flynn. NAB was an early supporter, offering a line of credit facility that actually allowed the company to grow and to get the ball rolling.

A new initiative

This year, Thankyou launched a nappy and baby care range that will fund child and maternal health programs around the globe to empower families in need. It’s the largest product launch in Thankyou’s history. “Every 100 seconds, a mum dies in childbirth in developing countries, and we lose 2.9 million babies within their first month of life,” says Flynn. “It’s confronting, but then you look at the opportunity. As consumers, we spend billions of dollars on baby products. I think each family will spend about $3,000 per child. At Thankyou, we're empowering consumers, making great product, and in the process, having a global impact."

An unexpected obstacle

It hasn’t always been easy. In the early days, a quality issue led to a product recall – and a loss of 300 out of their 350 customers in just five weeks. “Our first couple of years were tough in that people just didn't see our vision. But you can learn something in every mistake and every failure,” he says.

But learn they did, and today Thankyou has over 40 products available in 5,000 outlets in Australia.

Planning for the future

There’s no Plan B, says Flynn. “When you have no backup plan, some will say that it's very irresponsible, and it means you have to plan incredibly well for plan A; but you'll commit and you'll give it everything.”

We love Daniel’s commitment. That’s why NAB was an early supporter of Thankyou and why we’re so committed to supporting and delivering real value to all businesses and social enterprises that have a vision and a plan for the future.

Doing business by doing good

See how Thankyou's model fits in between charity and business.

Important information

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