Every jab brings us closer

We’re backing every effort to lift Australia’s vaccination rate to 80% and beyond.

Because every jab brings us closer to family, friends and open communities.

Every jab brings us closer to lifting the shutters, throwing open the doors and stepping back into work, holidays, brunches, concerts and sport.

Every jab is a shot in the arm to business owners doing takeaway only, pivoting to digital and doing everything they can to keep everyone on the payroll.

It’s what we owe to ourselves, to each other, and to the next generation.

We’re adding our voice to the cause of ‘80% and beyond’; and our practical support to every Aussie that needs it – so we can all get closer to business as usual.

“The National Cabinet plan states that, when we hit the 80 per cent vaccination target, vaccinated residents will be exempt from all domestic restrictions. This is our light at the end of the tunnel. Our communities need hope. Our businesses need clarity, to plan for the future.”

Ross McEwan - CEO, NAB

65% closer to getting bare feet back on the green

65% closer to "tag, you're it"

65% closer to working on my small talk

Girl blowing out candles on cake

65% closer to sharing a hug that's well overdue

As at 13 October 2021, 65.4% of Australians over the age of 16 were fully vaccinated. Source: Australian Government Department of Health.


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