At NAB we have over 30,000 people who live, work and grow in communities throughout Australia. From Ballarat to Blacktown, Melbourne to Bourke, our people are backing the things that matter most.

Articles 0 to 3

Meet Andre - a trained commercial pilot, Andre puts the customer at the heart of everything he does

Andre loves to travel and visit new places.

Meet Sunil - when he’s not having fun with his kids, he’s tailoring solutions for small business customers

Sunil loves the world of finance and spending time in the great outdoors.

Meet Tipa - he's passionate about inspiring Polynesian and Samoan youth

Tipa enjoys working with and motivating youth in his Polynesian and Samoan community.

Meet Georgie - she’d love to play for the AFLW Demons

Georgie loves her job in Consumer Lending and is proud that we back female footballers.

Articles 4 to 7

Meet Rania - she’s a fighter through and through

Rania has a background in Communications and has an inspiring story.

Meet Dan – he knows helping customers manage their finances really matters

Dan cares about helping his customers to take control of their money, so they can see life beyond it.

Meet Andrew – he supports people who have the courage to speak up

Through managing the NAB Whistleblower Program, Andrew helps people to speak up for what’s right.

Meet Tom – he came for the people, he stayed to give back

Tom believes that everyone has time to give back to the community – which he does through being on the board at CERES.

Articles 8 to 11

Meet Suse – who with support of family and workmates was able to keep going

Suse’s personal journey has made her a strong supporter of her family, her workplace and The Melanoma March.

Meet Nyari – she is passionate about bringing women together

Nyari joined NAB from the African Australian Inclusion Program and has never looked back.

Meet Nikola – she’s passionate about creating a better future

Nikola is a multilingual thinker who is committed to teaching her kids creativity, courage, kindness.

Meet Jodie – her wedding raised over $1000 for the Cancer Council

Jodie makes a difference to people affected by family violence. We spoke to Jodie about how she is changing the way we help customers and the community.

Articles 12 to 15

Meet James – he turned a concrete moonscape into a blooming native garden

James loves the environment. We spoke to James, who leads our natural value strategy, about what he’s doing at work and at home.

Meet Jess - a banker by day and business owner by night

A passionate banker at our Ivanhoe branch, Jess is proud of her relationships.

Meet Beverly - Bev is passionate about everyone close to her in her life, including her two dogs

Bev is loves helping others, including her colleagues and our customers.

Meet Sarah - she has her own small business

Sarah fosters kittens through rescue organisations to give them a chance to thrive.

Articles 16 to 19

Meet Ally - she's passionate about Melbourne's food scene, her work and ballet

Ally loves trying new cafes and restaurants when she's not working or studying.

Meet Lisa - she’s passionate about the impact social media can have on business success

Lisa is a thrill seeker, she enjoys long and complex hikes, snowboarding and bike riding.

Meet Edward - he’s passionate about enabling his team to help our customers who are doing it tough

He is fascinated about the future. Particularly the impact technological and robotic advancements will have.

Meet Tiffany - Tiffany helped to raise over $36,000 for Guide Dogs Victoria last year with her graduate peers

Tiffany loves Melbourne's art and culture scene.

Articles 20 to 23

Meet Gemma - Gemma loves delivering the great customer experiences

Gemma is passionate about food, wine and exercise and is about to become a mum.

Meet Nicholas - when he isn’t at his day job, he’s part of the Army reserves

Nicholas loves parenting his 18 month old son and is also a keen motor bike rider.

Meet Anita - a passionate small business banker, Anita also enjoys giving back to the community

Anita is works hard to Back the Bold to move Australia forward.

Meet Jonathan - when he’s not backing his customers to succeed, he’s competing down at his local surf club

Jonathan is a passionate small business banker and loves to cook outside of work.

Articles 24 to 27

Meet Lisa - Lisa is the Chairman of the NSW Pride Committee and a certified yoga teacher

Lisa is passionate about her role in sustainable impact investments.

Meet Ana - Ana is all about the customer

Outside of work, Ana loves to read and spend time with her family.

Meet Arjun - he’s passionate about natural skincare, is a blogger and an influencer on Instagram

Arjun loves connecting with from around the world about natural skincare.

Meet Lorensz - he had his own business in Asia so he’s passionate about helping businesses in Aus

Lorensz is most proud of his family and is a keen follower of the Hawthorn Football Club.

Articles 28 to 31

Meet Kawashi - who has made it her mission to break down barriers

Working in the Corporate Responsibility team, Kawashi is focused on making a difference.

Meet Timothy – Timothy has three daughters under five and works in Broker Partnerships

Timothy started at NAB in the Graduate Program and is still here 14 years later.

Meet Anna - Anna is proud of her Italian heritage and her two amazing daughters

She's proud of her clients and helping them to progress on their journeys.

Meet Matt - he is passionate about living and working in regional Australia and giving back to communities

Matt's passionate about keeping agriculture thriving in Australia.

Articles 32 to 35

Meet Daniel - he's passionate about supporting the broader development community

A software guru, Daniel enjoys bringing people together who are also passionate about tech.

Meet Celeste - she’s passionate about food, writing and all things Italian

Celeste has loved her time at NAB and when she's not working hard, she's writing or practicing her Italian.

Meet Sophie - she loves seeing the entrepreneurial spirit and drive of her business customers

Sophie enjoys seeing business in Australia thrive.

Meet Victoria - she loves helping small businesses in Australia to flourish

She values integrity, being proactive and accountable for work with her customers.

Articles 36 to 39

Meet Lisa - she’s passionate about being there for people and with can make a mean Goulash

Lisa is passionate about being there for people when it really matters and has a background in hospitality.

Meet Liz - she’s most proud of her three children and loves travelling

Liz has had her own business in the past, but she loves her work at NAB now.

Meet Sayanti - born in Kolkata, Sayanti now calls Melbourne home

Sayanti is most passionate about her son and husband.

Meet Genevieve - she’s passionate about inspiring other Polynesian people to dream big

She grew up with strong family values.

Articles 40 to 43

Meet Brett - he’s a risk professional who is enjoys mentoring NAB’s future leaders

Brett is passionate about his young family.

Meet Kathleen - she loves helping small businesses in Australia to thrive

Kathleen is a passionate manager in Customer Advocacy.

Meet Clinton - he’s grateful for the opportunities he’s had to learn and grow at NAB

Cllinton is passionate about leadership about guiding his team in the right direction.

Meet Liam - he’s a banker during the week and entertains as a clown on the weekends

Liam is a mobile banker that is passionate about helping customers with the home lending process.

Articles 44 to 47

Meet Ella - she always tries to bring her whole self to work

Ella understands the importance of supporting people at work in order to achieve as a team.

Meet Benjamin - he enjoys leading his own team and being outside his comfort zone

Benjamin enjoys challenges and embracing growth.

Meet George - he's been at NAB for eight years and puts the customer at the heart of everything he does

Giving back to customers is important to George.

Meet Kieran - a self-proclaimed burger connoisseur, who's motivated by making things easier for customers

Kieran loves his cat, Netflix, burgers and working with customers and colleagues.

Articles 48 to 51

Meet Udi - who spends his time helping those in need and is Australia’s number one cricket fan

Udi loves spending time with is wife and two young daughters.

Meet Tessa - she couldn’t live without music

Originally from New Zealand, Tessa is passionate about customers.

Meet Ira - she bought her first home at the age of 21

Ira is driven and loves pushing herself to the limit.

Meet Chandip - being a migrant himself, Chandip understands the support families need

Chandip came here as a migrant with his family.

Articles 52 to 55

Meet Ivan - he didn’t plan on ending up in economics but loves his job

Ivan is a chief economist.

Meet Anthony - he loves helping customers reach their financial goals and playing footy in his spare time

Making memories with his family and friends is one of his top priorities.

Meet Jani - he loves working with small businesses, it’s what gets him out of bed

He lived in New Zealand for 20 years before making the move to Australia.

Meet Heather - she’ll never forget the day NAB backed her

Heather is passionate about making a difference in the everyday banking experiences of customers.

Articles 60 to 63

Meet Han - she's passionate about solving complex problems and macro photography

Han was born in Malaysia and has worked for 15 years at NAB.

Meet Blake - he met his now wife at NAB

He's grateful for what NAB has given him both professionally and personally.

Meet Barry - Barry loves building strong relationships with his customers

Barry is focussed on building and strengthening his relationships with is customers.

Meet Eleanor - she is passionate about resolving customer complaints and believes in having a go

Giving it a go and trying her best is how Eleanor likes to operate.

Articles 64 to 67

Meet Cheryl - Cheryl loves volunteering, as well as coffee and desserts

Cheryl has many passions and she loves working in her team.

Meet Grant - he’s always thinking of the next mountain range to conquer

Grant is an avid hiker and loves the outdoors.

Meet Jaslyn - she says that a simple thank you and cheerful voice makes her day

Jaslyn also loves traveling with her parents and exploring new cities and cultures.

Meet James - he did his economics thesis on the banking industry

James' passion is developing people and he uses this skill both at work and on the court.

Articles 68 to 71

Meet Anthony - when someone in his team at work succeeds he feels like a proud parent

Anthony thrives on helping members of his team succeed and reach their potential.

Meet Faheem - when he’s not at work, he's with his 3 year old daughter or playing cricket

Faheem loves spending time with his daughter and playing for his local cricket club.

Meet David - he is an Internet Banking specialist who volunteers with the Hope Basket Brigade

David loves his work in Internet Banking and enjoys volunteering in his spare time.

Meet Claire - she’s focussed on achieving great outcomes for her team

Claire loves her job as executive assistant.

Articles 72 to 75

Meet Cecilia - she has worked at NAB for 23 years and knows how banking can make a difference to people

Cecilia has loved her time at NAB and is an advocate for the difference banking can have on people's lives.

Meet Deryanur - she’s passionate about backing Australians to achieve their dreams

Deryanur appreciates doing the fun stuff with her six year old son.

Meet John - he’s an avid foodie, currently on a secondment in Tokyo

John is one of NAB's many driven and highly motivated Graduates.

Meet Ruby - she wants to help other Indigenous students take advantage of job opportunities

Ruby has loved her time working in the Social Media Command Centre.

Articles 76 to 79

Meet Domenic - he’s been making his customers feel appreciated for ten years

Domenic started at NAB back in 2008 and is excited to reach his 10 year anniversary.

Meet Tim - Tim loves spreading positivity to his 30 million blog readers

Tim is passionate about inspiring others through his blog.

Meet Cameron - based on the Gold Coast, he naturally loves the water

Cameron enjoys helping people reach their potential.

Meet Chris - he loves helping people realise their dream of owning their own home

Chris is focussed on helping people achieve their home-owning goals.

Articles 80 to 83

Meet Briony - she’s passionate about health, travel and being outdoors

Briony loves running, swimming or cycling - as long as it's outdoors, she's down to do it.

Meet Barney - he’s passionate backing advisors and in his down time, relaxing

Barney loves helping his team be as efficient and effective as possible.

Meet James - he’s focussed on helping his customers reach their financial goals

He's driven to enable customers to reach their potential.

Meet Gary - he works hard so his team operates efficiently

Gary is passionate about his work in NAB Assist.

Articles 84 to 87

Meet Angie - Angie joined NAB 19 years ago and is a proud mum of two teenagers

Angie isn't afraid of being open to take her relationships to the next level.

Meet Andrew - he started at NAB as a grad in 2001 and enjoys playing the piano and organ

Andrew is proud to have been at NAB for 17 years.

Meet Carmelo - he loves seeing Australian small businesses succeed

He's passionate about helping small businesses in Australia and the West Coast Eagles.

Meet Daniel - he loves his work as an interest rate dealer

Outside of work, Daniel is working on his surfing ability.

Articles 88 to 91

Meet Michael - he grew up in Redcliffe and three months ago become a dad

Michael's proud of his family and always puts them first.

Meet Andrew - Andrew believes integrity is the key to success

Andrew fell into banking by accident but hasn't looked back.

Meet Jill - based in London, Jill enjoys travelling, running and horse riding

Jilll lives in London and has worked for NAB since 2004.

Meet Michael - when he’s not at work, he’s busy volunteering

Michael's purpose is to help those around him at work and at home.

Articles 92 to 95

Meet Kate - she backs customers to make the right decisions

Kate backs her customers and empowers them to make the right choices for them.

Meet Kylie – who wants to create a better life for future generations

Kylie wants to make a real change in how we live our lives.

Meet Dirk - he’s passionate about all things health and Hicaps

Dirk's been at NAB for 8 years and loves his work in Health.

Meet Lachlan - he loves backing start-ups and tackling triathlons

Lachlan is passionate about helping start-ups to succeed.

Articles 96 to 99

Meet Helen - Helen is passionate about inclusion and country music

Helen is driven to make a difference.

Meet Milendra – he proposed to his wife underwater

Milendra loves to travel and explore new places with his wife.

Meet Rajeev - he's passionate about making change

Rajeev values being authentic, respectful, inclusive and compassionate.

Meet Priya - Priya is driven to achieve the best for her customers and colleagues

Outside of work, Priya enjoys cooking and spending time with her family.

Articles 100 to 103

Meet Vishal - he backed a customer to launch a new fund

Vishal loves his job in nabtrade.

Meet Shadi - banker by day, DJ by night

Shadi has many different interests, including giving his customers a great experience.

Meet Paul - Paul joined NAB in 1978 and is passionate about backing his local community

Paul loves being a banker and helping his clients.

Meet Kenny -a banker who has two golden Labs that need a lot of love

Kenny loves his two dogs and helping his customers.

Articles 104 to 107

Meet Alexander - he’s grateful that NAB backed him when he needed it most

Alexander is a people person and volunteers at SteamRail Victoria.

Meet Rick - he inspires his team to deliver great customer experiences

Rick is driven to motivate his team to always put the customer first.

Meet Dimity – a lover of road trips, cake, podcasts and sustainable fashion

Dimity has a wealth of experience in communications and loves volunteering in her spare time.

Meet Mariel – Mariel has a degree in architecture and works in IT

Mariel has diverse range of experience and loves where she's working now.

Articles 108 to 111

Meet Carla - NAB backed her when she needed it most

NAB backed her when she needed it most.

Meet Matthew - he’s passionate about helping people love their work

Matthew is an Analyst in the Talent Mobilisation team and he loves his job.

Meet Marlaine - she's mastered resilience

She is resilient and passionate about helping others with terminal illnesses.

Meet Shaun - Shaun is passionate about problem solving

Shaun started in the graduate program at NAB and is now a Senior Analyst in the Cards Capability team.

Articles 112 to 115

Meet Michael - he’s lived in a few places but calls Australia home

Even though he's lived in a few different countries, he likes to call Australia home.

Meet Melina - Melina is passionate about inspiring her team

Melina is a branch manager and is passionate about fostering future leaders.

Meet Nassim - with the help of her leaders, she overcame her fear

A life-long fear of public speaking was conquered with the help of her leaders.

Meet Eliza - Eliza is passionate about equality and helping others

Eliza works in NAB's Corporate Responsibility team and is passionate about her work.

Articles 116 to 119

Meet Kate – Kate enjoys unplugging the family to go camping

Meet Kate – a Mordi local who enjoys camping with the family.

Meet Sumit - he likes to hear about his customers stories

Sumit enjoys getting to know his customers and hearing their stories to better understand their needs.

Meet Tom - who has backed farmers across regional NSW

Tom puts himself in his customer's shoes in order to help them succeed.

Meet Nathan - he helps customers realise their property dreams

Nathan helps customers to reach their home ownership dreams.

Articles 120 to 123

Meet Alor - he wants to help others reach their potential

He wants to help others reach their potential and win together.

Meet Rosslyn and Christine - they're passionate about their community and customers

They've lived in Woodenbong their whole lives and have a passion for their community and customers.

Meet Laura - Laura believes in the power of business to help society

Euroa will always have Laura's heart.

Meet Melita - she wants a brighter future for young Indigenous Australians

Meilta is an intern in the Corporate Affairs team and is dedicated to encouraging others her age.

Articles 124 to 127

Meet Kiri - Kiri is a passionate business banker

Kiri prides herself on taking the time to fully understand her customer's needs and to help them accordingly.

Meet Kirra - Kirra helps her customers realise their home-owning dreams

Kirra loves seeing her customers reach their financial goals.

Meet Trieu - Trieu is making valuable changes to help our customers

Trieu works hard to make tangible changes to benefit our customers.

Meet Jodie - Jodie's been at NAB for 28 years and is a passionate member of the Boston Red Sox

Jodie has been at NAB for 28 years and loves the Boston Red Sox.

Articles 128 to 131

Meet Maddy - she's passionate about learning and development

A natural problem solver, Maddy applies her passion to designing solutions for NAB employees.

Meet Tanya - outside of work she enjoys singing and playing piano

Tanya is a team assistant in the Contact Centre and is also part of the Engagement Team.

Meet Sonia - who sees leadership as an opportunity to inspire

Sonia is a working parent who's pushing the boundaries.

Meet Sam - he helps our business customers reach their goals

Sam helps business customers to grow and achieve.

Articles 132 to 135

Meet Violet - she's passionate about helping kids in developing countries

Violet loves the people she works with and striving for the best possible outcome at work and overseas.

Meet Vanessa - she's working hard to improve our products and processes

She's working hard to improve our products and processes to benefit our customers.

Meet Yun - he's a problem solver who enjoys tackling complex issues

Yun is curious about how to solve issues to make processes more effective and efficient.

Meet Vinay - he's passionate about helping customers purchase their first home

He's passionate about helping customers purchase their first home.

Articles 136 to 139

Meet Laura – she’s helping our customers stay safe online

Laura is a cyber-safety expert by day and a Melbourne food blogger by night.

Meet Bryce – he helps farmers ‘buy the paddock next door’

While Bryce now supports Australia’s farmers and their communities through his work at NAB, one day he dreams of having a farm of his own.

Meet Jessica - her Nonna was one of the first Italian migrants to Mildura in 1921

Jessica’s family instilled a strong work ethic in her from an early age. She now loves backing small businesses in her home town of Mildura.

Meet Joe – born and bred in Condobolin, he’s backing Australia’s producers

Joe loves the land. Since he started as a Agri Grad at NAB he’s travelled thousands of kilometres across Australia to help farmers grow.

Articles 140 to 143

Meet Johnny – he’s fighting the good fight for customer care

Johnny is a Bank Manager by day and an amateur power lifter by night. He helps thousands of Australians buy the home they want.

Meet Kristy - flexible working means she can live near her happy place

Kristy wants to help build a more inclusive community, support more people to work flexibly and spend quality time at her beloved ‘Straddie’.

Meet Jess – her home town of Echuca is still where her heart is

Jess helps customers buy their new home. We spoke to Jess about her home town Echuca, her family and the importance of a home cooked meal.

Articles 144 to 147

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