Meet Alor

Name: Alor Bulabek

Your role: Advisor, Business Support, Fulfilment Centre

Region: Adelaide, South Australia

What’s your story?

I was born in a town call Abyei in South Sudan. Shortly after the war broke out, my parents fled to Ethiopia. We spent nearly two years in Ethiopia before we were forced out again. We ended up in one of the largest refugee camps in northern Kenya, the Kakuma Refugee Camp.

Life was not as great back then as it is now, but it was all I knew and so I never complained.

After 14 years in the refugee camp, we were granted a humanitarian Visa and arrived in Australia in 2005.

After I completed my studies, finding a job in my field of study was very challenging. However, NAB was there to support me and they gave me the opportunity to participate in a six month work experience program called the African Australian Inclusion Program (AAIP).

How have you made a difference?

I try to inspire young kids from my community who have not been able to see the opportunity this great country has for us. I speak to them about focusing on doing the right thing and the rest will happen as no one knows what the future holds. It does not matter how hard life can be, because I think your setbacks help to build your character.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about supporting and helping others reach their potential. This can be helping an individual to reach their potential or for us as an organisation to win together. My message is about the importance of uplifting each other. This can be by encouraging and supporting each other, offering to help, or simply just thanking your team each day for their contribution and great work.

It was great to meet our CEO Andrew Thorburn in Adelaide; he was incredibly passionate about our Purpose at NAB.

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