Meet Anna

Name: Anna Andriolo

Your role: Private Client Director, Private Wealth

Region: Brisbane, Queensland

What’s your story?

I have been working for NAB for nearly 29 years in various roles from Retail to Private Banking. During my time at NAB, I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet some amazing people, both clients and colleagues. These connections have not only allowed me to learn more about how I can assist our clients, but has given me an insight into how as an individual you can grow. I have used these experiences to assist others.

I am first generation Italian Australian and really relish my heritage which is a strong part of my personality and who I am.

How have you made a difference?

I enjoy the long-term relationships I have been able to form with clients over the years, as well as the learning opportunities I have had in my different roles, that I can now share with others. I also enjoy being involved and working with charities to add value. This work also provides a different perspective, which can help both personally and professionally.

What are you passionate about?

I am most passionate about my beautiful family; my husband John and I have raised two amazing adult daughters, who have followed their passions both personally and professionally. I’m also passionate about the amazing clients who have opened my eyes to opportunities and allowed me to walk with them as they progress on their journey.

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