Meet Aysel

Name: Aysel Dogan

Your role: Associate, Business Solutions, NAB Assist

Region: Docklands, Victoria

What’s your story?

Coming from a big ethnic family taught me to appreciate culture and traditions. Being the youngest, I lived through the experiences of my older siblings which made my life a lot easier. While growing up, my parents always supported us and told us to remember that regardless of what we do in life to: “always support each other whether it is family, friends or colleagues. Always be humble, put in 110 per cent at work and most importantly be respectful to people no matter who they are.”

How has NAB made a difference?

In Business Solutions, we are driving for change in culture and improving processes to assist people with managing their workloads. I played a core role in motivating my peers to embrace the changes and initiatives while assisting my leads, manager and head of Business Solutions.

As a result of improvements to our culture, work ethic was strengthened and there was a greater focus on creating deeper working relationships with peers leading to a more enjoyable workplace.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about people and culture, whether it is my family, friends or peers. I get to see people grow in what they enjoy doing, excel in life and witness them grow and build their brand. I hope that I have played even a small part in their overall growth.

Culture is very important as it assists you with getting to know peers you may have not otherwise spoken to – it is about coming together and finding common ground, creating traditions and relationships to last a lifetime.

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