Meet Cecilia

Name: Cecilia Greatbatch

Your role: Managing Partner Health St Leonards

Region: St Leonards, New South Wales

What’s your story?

As an only child of a Dutch immigrant father who had left his parents and 16 brothers and sisters behind in Holland and journeyed to Australia alone, I wanted to make my parents and especially my father proud of me. Growing up I dreamed of travelling the world, being a writer and helping people and animals. I never imagined I would become a banker.

During university, I saved enough to travel the world for a year. When I returned, I met my future husband Brad when we were both working part time at Video Ezy! Video Ezy wasn’t my overall goal and I was waiting for my big break into journalism. Brad was working for NAB at the time and suggested that I transition into banking. I joined NAB in 1994 planning for it to be for the short-term but I’m proud to say that I’m still here 23 years later.

How have you made a difference?

The moment that changed my mind about banking was just after the 1994 bushfires. I had just progressed from being a teller at the Chatswood branch and was learning the lending basics and processing credit card applications. One afternoon, I left work for the day and noticed that the sky was completely orange and that there was black smoke everywhere. It was that afternoon that 13 houses were destroyed in nearby Lane Cove National Park. I will never forget the family of four who came into the branch the following week to collect a new emergency credit card from me that we had swiftly organised for all those affected. That family had lost everything in the fire and would use the card to tide them over until their insurance claim came through. It was then I realised that banking could really make a difference to people.

For the last six years I’ve led a great team in nabHealth and enjoy working with our medical clients. As a leader, it gives me great joy to see staff develop, especially our young talent progressing from being associates to successful management positions over time.

What are you passionate about?

As for me, some of my other dreams have been fulfilled too. We have travelled all over the world and have three rescue dogs including a Border Collie, a crazy but beautiful Australian Shepherd and a little Maltese cross terrier who rules the house. I volunteer for a dog rescue organisation and have found that this experience has been a real eye opener for me.

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