Meet Davis

Name: Davis Pereira

Your role: Lead, Post Approval

Region: Docklands, Victoria

What’s your story?

I have had the privilege of working across a number of different departments during my time at NAB. I have had interactions with many great colleagues and customers along my journey and continue to have a passion for what I do every day, always striving for success and improvement.

I started working in the bank in the contact centre, working in various areas whilst completing a Commerce and Law degree at Monash University. This was a great foundation that helped me when I started in a major organisation, from getting used to professional working protocols to developing my communication skills, and working in a team environment to achieve personal and team goals.

Once I finished my degree, I worked within Business Bank. This experience further enhanced my knowledge of the customer experience and also the importance that we, as business bankers, play in the success of our customers’ businesses. I really enjoyed the interactions I had with customers to understand their business, and I was driven to play a critical role in helping them to achieve their goals. Our brand promise of ‘More than money’ really resonates with me here.

I then moved into our Risk department and worked in Retail Credit and our Fulfilment area as an analyst for Business and Private bank credit. This gave me an appreciation of the risk element in our business, and doing the right thing by the customer by ensuring we are following strong lending practices and looking out for our customers and not putting them in positions where they are unable to meet obligations.

Currently, I’m a lead in our operations team looking after our customers post approval activities. The operations environment is something that really excites me and I’m always looking for ways to sustain our business, improve our processes and efficiency amongst a lot of change, and develop our people to maintain our success as the leading business bank in Australia.

How have you made a difference?

My focus on the customer is the thing in which I have made a difference at NAB. When finding solutions, I always have the end goal of what would I want if I was the customer in the same situation. I have been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of great customer service from others in everyday transactions and know how rewarding those experiences have been for me – so I’m focused on replicating this for my customers.

We are lucky to work within a large organisation that has a number of skilled people and expertise. Throughout my career at the bank, I have always looked at ways to better utilise these skills.

I have also developed and improved people around me and that is something that I’m proud of. I feel that a key part of being a leader is bringing your team on the journey with you to achieve goals and always strive for excellence.

What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about being the best at what I do and being consistent. It’s the consistency that is important to me. I love sports, and I believe sports professionals at the highest level who perform consistently for the longest period of time are the most successful individuals and teams. Here’s to the sporting teams that I follow - Leeds United and the Carlton Football Club - getting some long-cherished success soon!

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