Meet Edward

Name: Edward Grieve

Your role: Consultant, Customer Reviews and Contact

Region: Docklands, Victoria

What’s your story?

I’m originally from Adelaide and studied Law and Commerce at University. During my time practising as a solicitor in Adelaide, I developed a real passion for assisting my clients. Now, I get a lot of enjoyment working in NAB Assist and having the opportunity to assist our customers, along with supporting our frontline staff.

How have you made a difference?

Being able to support my team, offer advice and help them to provide options for our customers. There’s nothing I enjoy more than my team members being able to share a success story about one of our customers who has been going through a difficult time, and how the assistance we’ve provided has helped our customer get back on track. Celebrating those outcomes together really solidifies our purpose and demonstrates how we make a difference in our customers’ lives.

What are you passionate about?

Outside of work, I’m passionate about my family and friends, along with being an avid sports follower. I’m also fascinated about the future; particularly the impact technological and robotic advancements will have on our daily lives and the global economy.

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