Meet Helen

Name: Helen Babb

Your role: Consultant, Inclusion & Engagement

Region: Docklands, Victoria

What’s your story?

I joined NAB at the end of 2017 after living in Washington D.C. for about five years. While I was there, I worked on advancing reproductive rights and LGBT equality, and spent my free time on women’s leadership and development programs. This included rallying outside the U.S. Supreme Court for abortion access, running trainings to equip women with the tools to succeed, and raising the voices of the most marginalised people in the press. I also discovered a love for country music while I was there, much to the joy of my American friends and the embarrassment of my Australian friends.

How have you made a difference?

Within my first few weeks at NAB, I was leading the bank’s first national campaign against domestic and family violence, called ‘Join Together’. Launching in November 2017, it unequivocally stated our commitment to ending a problem that’s regularly hidden but impacts so many people. In partnership with family violence expert and survivor Kristy McKellar, we launched new resource pages on our website for people impacted by domestic and family violence, shared messages on over 1,700 NAB ATM screens and Redi ATMs, and spread the word on social media. I’m so proud that NAB not only provides paid leave to support our employees who are survivors, but also announced that it would be extended to employees supporting family or an immediate household member experiencing domestic and family violence. It’s a really impressive leadership role for a top bank to take.

I never imagined I would find myself working for a bank, but on a daily basis I work with other dedicated NAB employees who strive to make finance more inclusive for everyone. While my focus is on domestic and family violence, people with accessibility needs, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, my colleagues work on everything from community finance to issuing green bonds. It’s pretty amazing.

What are you passionate about?

There’s nothing better than empowering other people to thrive. I’m driven to make a difference for the most marginalised members of society, and turning the concept of equality into a tangible reality. Oh, and introducing everyone to the joys of a great country music song, of course!

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