Meet Jeanine

Name: Jeanine Haselton

Your role: Branch Manager, Ayr

Region: Ayrd, Queensland

What’s your story?

I was working as a qualified chef when I met my husband, who is a farmer, and decided to move to Ayr to marry him and start our family. The move from the city to the country was a life-changing event, and leaving my family and friends behind was very challenging. After 10 years living on the farm and raising our family, I decided to return to work. I made this decision as I not only wanted to contribute to our family’s finances but because I had a strong desire to contribute to my community in a meaningful way. My husband was concerned as he knew how demanding a chef’s hours were and he was worried that I wouldn’t have time for our family, and so, in 2006 I started at NAB as a part-time teller. I am lucky enough to have worked in every role available in a branch and to have taken on the role of Branch Manager three years ago. I’ve loved my time working for NAB and I’m grateful for the impact it’s had on my life, including the friends I have made along the way, being able to support our daughters through university and helping our son through his apprenticeship. I’m so appreciative of my first manager at NAB, Anita, who took a chance on me – a farmer’s wife with no banking experience at all. This organisation has opened so many doors for both my professional and personal growth.

How have you made a difference?

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed connecting with our customers and the local community for over a decade. I love following and supporting our customers’ journeys – whether it be helping them with savings solutions, assisting them in buying their first car or home, or being there for them during the tough times. It’s always exciting watching customers achieve their financial dreams, and home ownership is often the pinnacle. Small communities like ours need volunteers to really thrive, and I’m proud to work for an organisation that provides volunteer leave, enabling our local team to support the community in many different ways. We’ve helped out junior sporting clubs, our local council, the Chamber of Commerce, the Endeavour Foundation and our local Rotary Club. I know that every small gesture, along with our help, guidance and advice, ultimately makes a huge difference in the lives of our customers and our communities and I’m really proud to be involved!

What are you passionate about?

I’m always excited about sharing our customer’s joy and sense of accomplishment when they achieve home ownership, however, I am really passionate about helping people in need. Sitting with our customers who have lost a loved one and helping them through the various processes; making them a cuppa and handing over a tissue, are times I’ll never forget and moments that I cherish. It’s a great privilege to be with people in their time of need and to provide genuine, heart-felt support. NAB is such a great organisation that really does place our customers at the heart of everything that we do.

I also love to see my team developing into the best people they can be, often exceeding their own expectations. It’s been an absolute privilege to work with an amazing team, and together we have over 100 combined years of service at NAB and for our customers and community! I’m proud seeing them learn, grow and be promoted into roles they never dreamed they’d achieve. It’s an incredible feeling to see them thriving. For all of these reasons, I’m proud to be a part of NAB!

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