Meet Jodie

Name: Jodie Parker

Your role: Senior Consultant, Pricing

Region: Bayside, Melbourne

What’s your story?

I studied accounting and marketing at university and needed a part-time job during my studies. Luckily, I saw an ad in the paper from NAB and applied. Twenty-eight years later and I’ve experienced so much at this organisation. I’ve been in Processing, Retail and Business Banking and loved them all. I started as a part-time teller and today, I’m proud to be a Business Banking Executive.

How have you made a difference?

I’ve always known that doing business well is all about people and I consider myself a people person. I love getting to know people, building relationships and understanding what makes people tick. In learning peoples’ aspirations and goals, I’m able to help them on their journey.

What are you passionate about?

After the challenge of a long business day there’s nothing like relaxing with a couple of hours of good reality TV. And when there’s no Million Dollar Listing to watch, my husband makes me laugh, my fur-baby keeps me warm and the Boston Red Sox keep me hopeful season after season.

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