Meet Jonathan

Name: Jonathan Herron

Your role: Manager, Key Controls Assurance (Technology & Operations)

Region: Docklands, Victoria

What’s your story?

I’m originally from the United States of America and relocated to Australia eight years ago. After spending the formative years of my career as an external auditor, I took a break from the numbers to join NAB on a systems implementation project. Without a doubt this has been the best decision of my career!

I’m also pretty good at making memes.

How have you made a difference?

My current role involves leading a team of talented individuals responsible for testing NAB’s technology and operations controls.

The difference I’m most proud of is being able to support the capability development of my team. It’s been deeply rewarding to share their successes, challenge their thinking and support them through challenges. I’m really lucky that I get to support my immediate team through coaching and one-on-ones, and I’ve also had several opportunities to help develop and run training for the broader Controls Assurance community.

I’ve also joined forces with one of my colleagues to create and run a Social Committee for the Enterprise Controls team and we’ve already incorporated several fundraisers into our social gatherings. We’re in the early days of rolling it out and I’m most excited for an upcoming trivia night that’s in the works!

What are you passionate about?

Flexible working! My brain rarely observes the traditional ‘9-5’ and you’ll find me at my most creative or productive at any random hour of the day.

My family reside in Missouri and my hometown isn’t exactly a beacon of American tourism. NAB’s flexible working allows me to work remotely from ‘home’, which is great because my childhood friends and family have busy lives of their own and otherwise I end up a little bored during visits. There’s only so many times you can visit the ‘World’s Largest Fork’, an 11 ton tribute to the noble utensil and Springfield’s #14 tourist attraction according TripAdvisor. It’s a short list.

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