Meet Kate

Name: Kate Becker

Your role: Business Banker

Region: Gold Coast, QLD

What’s your story?

I live on the Gold Coast but I am originally from a small town called Toowoomba and moved to the coast when I was 21. I started working as a Teller at another bank at 17, with great plans to become an accountant – however 11 years later and I am still working in the bank and loving it every day! I moved to NAB to work as a Business Banker.

How have you made a difference?

As a Business Banker there have been countless times I have backed our customers. Albeit some of those were declines, but they were in the best interest of the customer at the time. The best memory I have is from a client we didn’t offer an approval to, and the following year they came back thanking us for making the right decision to not finance their business.

What are you passionate about?

I am actually a qualified Interior Designer and Candle Maker! My passion for interior design allows me to be creative outside of the numbers. I immerse myself in full renovations because I enjoy making people’s homes look beautiful. I am an avid surfer, so being able to work flexibly means I can work at different NAB locations to make the most of the beautiful beaches on the Gold Coast.

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